Russian Mars Probe Phobos Grunt returns to earth with a splash.

The failed Russian Mars probe, Phobos-Grunt has fallen back to earth with a splash.

The probe, launched back in November 2011 failed to leave Earth orbit and instead got caught in a decaying orbit which led to its destruction yesterday over the Pacific ocean.

NASA and the Russian space agency both confirmed that the probe was tracked passing over Japan and the Solomon Islands, before breaking up and the debris falling into the ocean safely away from any populated areas.

The Russian space agency estimated that no more than 200kg of debris from the 13 tonne probe would have survived the fiery re-entry and that all the toxic fuel onboard should have been destroyed.

The Russians have had a string of failures recently and these have led some to believe that sabotage has been taking place although they haven't stated whether its the Americans or little green men.

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