Amazon to release new Kindles

Amazon has pulled the Touch model of its popular line of ebook readers off of it's US website, ahead of a new product announcement expected next week.

While we can certainly expect to see a refreshed, possibly backlit version of the Kindle Touch, it's also looking likely that we could finally get a look at the Kindle Fire 2, Amazon's answer to the Google Nexus 7.

While specs for the The Kindle Fire 2 are still a little sketchy, we could see several different Kindle Fire models, with display sizes ranging from a basic 7" model, equivalent to the Nexus 7, to a more high-end 10" version, designed to compete with Apple's iPad.

While this is great news for Amazon's US customers, UK consumers probably shouldn't put their party hats on just yet.

As of today the current gen Kindle Touch is still on sale at Amazon's UK store, which may indicate that the new Kindles might initially only be available to US customers. This would certainly follow the pattern of previous releases from Amazon.

Let's not forget that nearly two years after its US release, the original Kindle Fire still isn't on sale to UK customers, amid rumours of legal problems and rights issues.

However, with the Nexus 7 having effectively cornered the 7" tablet market (and running rings around Amazon's UK Kindle offerings into the bargain), we think it's safe to say that Amazon will be looking to pull out all the stops to get their new products into the European market.

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