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No, a Knights Templar cave hasn't just been discovered in Shropshire

Today the newspapers and online news sites have been awash with a story about a supposed Knights Templar cave discovered under a field in Shropshire. It's a stunning story, and one that, if true would be a wonderful discovery...

Only it mostly isn't. The 'cave' system has been known about since 1984 and was built in the 18th Century or even in more recent victorian times for unknown reasons, it is thought that more recently it has been used as a place to practice black magic - see it's actually a great story in itself but in the last couple of days someone has attached a Templar myth to the news and repackaged at something it really is not.

Historian Greg Jenner helped put us straight this evening on Twitter, later adding that he was, at one point, due to film at the site in 2010...

Sites including the BBC News, The Mirror and all ran the story and as yet haven't run any correction or clarification.

Last updated: 06/08/2018 12:23:32

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