A thrill-a-minute high-drama punch-the-air blockbuster courtroom drama

The evil that men do...

A slow burning crime thriller in an Essex setting.

2158, Mars Attacks, unless some young time travellers can prevent it...

Down to Earth in the second part of J P Smythe's Australia Trilogy

The Sun Also Rises 1995

Smells like Teen Spirit...

An addictive new standalone crime thriller from Mark Billingham

The hunter becomes the hunted in the new Carter Blake adventure.

"Twin Peaks in the 1800s"

Doing time, doing crime, doing ghosts...

Slow horses, mad dogs and real tigers

"Sometimes justice matters more than the law"

"We didn't start the fire..."

A fantasy novel about loss and second chances.

London is under siege from ISIS suicide bombers in the new novel by Stephen Leather

Perfect second time around...

Catcher in the Rye meets Fargo in Travis Mulhauser's debut novel

Baxter and Reynolds continue Arthur C. Clarke's adventures of planetary explorer Howard Falcon

Going Underground to a New World in the latest SF adventure from Simon Morden

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave...

Being a teenager is scary in Sarah Pinborough's YA crime thriller.

Paraic O'Donnell's gothic novel deals with the art of creation

Rebus is back and there's life in the old dog yet

2545, A Space Odyssey...