July 2018 Archive

Final Venom trailer: One last look at Tom Hardy's anti-hero31 July 2018
Planet Alpha coming on 4th September31 July 2018
"Dogs bollocks don't rhyme and there's nothing mythical" Idle chit-chat with Ismo31 July 2018
From Laputa to Ponoc: The Evolution of Studio Ghibli - Part Two31 July 2018
Nico, 1988 trailer: Whatever you do, just don't mention The Velvet Underground31 July 2018
The Black Death31 July 2018
Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who - The Collection: Season 1231 July 2018
JD Payne and Patrick McKay announced as showrunners for Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series30 July 2018
Better Call Saul renewed for season five30 July 2018
Fear The Walking Dead renewed for season five30 July 2018
Event Report: Nintendo VS30 July 2018
"I know what I want to say - the trick is how best to say it." Idle chit-chat with Marcus Brigstocke30 July 2018
"There’s more to being in the country than outdoor parties and trucks and beer. There’s a dark side to it" We chat with Ashley McBryde30 July 2018
"I am hugely inspired by so many different artists from Dolly, Emmylou and Linda's Trio to The Beach Boys" We chat with Rhyan Sinclair30 July 2018
7 Films to Watch on TV This Week30 July 2018
"Our King would be a great monarch in the UK!" - In Conversation with Avatar30 July 2018
Dau trailer: An incredible film experiment that consumed the lives of everyone involved30 July 2018
The Season Four Reboot: How Successful Are TV Series Reinventions?30 July 2018
Big Finish Review: Doctor Who - Hour Of The Cybermen30 July 2018
No Man's Sky Next29 July 2018
Cold War29 July 2018
Comic Review: Reading the Ruins - David B.28 July 2018
Ray & Liz trailer: A film by Turner Prize-nominated artist Richard Billingham28 July 2018
Altered Carbon renewed for season two, Anthony Mackie to replace Joel Kinnaman28 July 2018
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker27 July 2018
Mark Hamill AND Carrie Fisher to both feature in Star Wars Episode IX27 July 2018
Black 47 trailer: A harrowing look back at Ireland's Great Famine27 July 2018
Cocote27 July 2018
"I’m not sure I’ve ever done an interview without answering a question about yodelling" We chat with Alice Wallace27 July 2018
The Bold Type: 2.08 Plan B27 July 2018
"I'm a bit down in the old dumps to honest; had my favourite jacket nicked" Idle chit-chat with The Pin27 July 2018
Apostasy27 July 2018
Theatre Review: Buxton Festival Fringe 201826 July 2018
What They Had trailer: Hilary Swank and Michael Shannon star in weepy alzheimer's story26 July 2018
"Holly Willoughby is technically quite hard" Idle chit-chat with Luke Kempner26 July 2018
"A real dream for me would be to host Have I Got News For You" Idle chit-chat with Maisie Adam26 July 2018
'Locke & Key' gets series order from Netflix26 July 2018
"Puxico as a record is sort of a love story, not only to the town but also to my grandfather" In conversation with Natalie Hemby26 July 2018
New Slender Man Trailer: Four girls try to debunk an urban myth26 July 2018
"After nearly 40 years of being connected artistically, I only met George Romero two years ago!" - In Conversation with Claudio Simonetti of Goblin26 July 2018
Space Pioneer26 July 2018
Roma teaser trailer: A first look at Alfonso Cuaron's Netflix drama25 July 2018
Nina Smith impresses in her new track Run Out25 July 2018
iiola releases video for Sickly Sweet25 July 2018
Big Finish Review: Torchwood One - Machines25 July 2018
Star Wars-The Clone Wars Revisited: 1.02 Rising Malevolence25 July 2018
No Man's Sky Next really is a whole new game - and it's wonderful25 July 2018
I've never played Mario: Super Mario Bros. (1985)25 July 2018
Sleep Tight25 July 2018
Mid90s trailer: Jonah Hill takes his directorial bow25 July 2018
Peterloo trailer: Mike Leigh returns with his biggest production yet24 July 2018
Bethia Beadman Unveils Her New Video24 July 2018
Benjamin Wallfisch to score Shazam!24 July 2018
"All that changed on a fateful day in 2017 when I got hit by a pick-up truck" Idle chit-chat with Jim Tavare24 July 2018
The Heiresses trailer: Award winning Paraguayan drama gets a UK trailer24 July 2018
"It’s a whole different mindset going on stage without a partner" We chat to Kelly Willis24 July 2018
Inked24 July 2018
Agents of SHIELD: 5.22 The End24 July 2018
Slime-san: Superslime Edition23 July 2018
Alita: Battle Angel: A new global trailer released today23 July 2018
Arrowverse SDCC update: Supergirl casts the first transgender superhero, The Flash season 5 gets a villain, trailers and more...23 July 2018
We chat to Lindsay Lou23 July 2018
The Secret of Marrowbone23 July 2018
"It’s quite meandering: a mixture of sketches, two-person stand-up, whatever occurs to us and feels funny and different" Idle chit-chat with Lazy Susan23 July 2018
The Third Murder23 July 2018
The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey23 July 2018
"I wanted to give a full portrait of who I am as an artist and writer" We chat to Kristina Murray23 July 2018
Bad Dreams23 July 2018
All Star Fruit Racing - Quick Hit Review23 July 2018
Big Train at 20: An interview with the show's co-creator Arthur Matthews23 July 2018
Big Finish Review: Doctor Who - The Eighth Doctor - The Time War Series Vol 223 July 2018
Game Night23 July 2018
The Human Goddess23 July 2018
Bear McCreary to score Godzilla: King of the Monsters23 July 2018
Wynonna Earp renewed for season four22 July 2018
The Man In The High Castle renewed for season four ahead of its season three debut22 July 2018
Colony cancelled after three seasons22 July 2018
The Orville Season Two Trailer22 July 2018
LEGO The Incredibles22 July 2018
It Happened Here22 July 2018
Mogwai to release soundtrack album for Kin22 July 2018
Shazam! teaser trailer: All one boy has to do is just say the magic word21 July 2018
Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer: The clash of the Kaiju21 July 2018
The Bold Type: 2.07 Betsy21 July 2018
Big Finish Review: Torchwood – Instant Karma21 July 2018
Star Trek Discovery Season Two Trailer21 July 2018
Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot in development21 July 2018
Cloak & Dagger renewed for season 221 July 2018
To Hell With Hell21 July 2018
Emily Burns - Seven Scenes From The Same Summer21 July 2018
Glass trailer: Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson come face-to-face with James McAvoy21 July 2018
The Prodigy release video for Need Some1 - album coming in November20 July 2018
The awesome She Makes War debuts new single 'Devastate Me'20 July 2018
Yooka-Laylee is to make his brawling debut in Brawlout!20 July 2018
James Gunn fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 320 July 2018
Iron Fist season 2 confirmed for 7th September. New trailer and villains revealed20 July 2018
"These songs are very personal, the most personal songs I have ever written" We chat with CoCo O'Connor20 July 2018
Pop Sensation Rose Villain Is Our New Hero20 July 2018
"When it comes to Monopoly, I absolutely will not stand for losing and will sabotage the entire game so I can win" Idle chit-chat with Lauren Pattison20 July 2018
The Receptionist20 July 2018
Is Death Stranding coming on 29th March 2019?20 July 2018
The worlds of Mario Kart and Zelda collide20 July 2018
Mugsters20 July 2018
Apostasy trailer: A rare look inside the British Jehovah Witness community20 July 2018
"We didn't want to write songs just to fill out an album" - In Conversation with MSRY20 July 2018
"I don't think you can say Gay Tony anymore. It's not PC, the internet will go crazy" - Gay Tony returns to the GTA universe in GTA Online After Hours20 July 2018
The SDCC Spider-Man trailer continues to pique our interest, and the new PS4 Pro looks *lovely*20 July 2018
Alter Bridge To Release Royal Albert Show19 July 2018
Star Wars: The Clone Wars returning for new season19 July 2018
Club Drive release brand new single 'WDYD'19 July 2018
Dan Owen releases new single 'Stay Awake With Me'19 July 2018
First trailer released for Doctor Who series 1119 July 2018
Book Review: Believe Me - JP Delaney19 July 2018
"Even though I wrote them all at different points in my life, I found that there were common themes throughout them all" We chat with Vivian Leva19 July 2018
Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. trailer: A profile of an indefinable artist19 July 2018
Patient Zero trailer: Stanley Tucci is all zombied out19 July 2018
"I treat the audience like I treated kids on my first day in a new school" Idle chit-chat with Alison Spittle19 July 2018
Science Museum Group Launch New Game Total Darkness19 July 2018
Elizabeth Harvest trailer: Some doors are best left unopened19 July 2018
Impulse soundtrack to be released July 20th18 July 2018
Hotel Artemis18 July 2018
New Welcome to Marwen trailer: Steve Carell finds solace in his toys18 July 2018
Overlord trailer: A J.J. Abrams produced Nazi zombie war film18 July 2018
Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on 24th September18 July 2018
Galveston trailer: Inglourious Basterds meets True Detective18 July 2018
Pinar Toprak to score Captain Marvel18 July 2018
Here are the best albums of 2018 so far!18 July 2018
Escape Plan 218 July 2018
Check out our Star Wars hub for EVERYTHING Star Wars - the latest news, reviews and features!18 July 2018
Star Wars - The Clone Wars Revisited: 1.01 Ambush18 July 2018
Boy Erased trailer: Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman send their son to gay conversion therapy18 July 2018
"Whatever happened to Shane Ritchie?" Idle chit-chat with Beth Vyse18 July 2018
Assassination Nation red band trailer: A bloodbath coming soon to a cinema near you18 July 2018
Hell Fest trailer: There's a fairground killer on the loose during Halloween18 July 2018
Hulu greenlights Vampire Chronicles TV Series18 July 2018
The CW developing Batwoman TV series as the Arrowverse expands17 July 2018
The Best Playstation Deals17 July 2018
The Best Xbox One Deals17 July 2018
Robin Hood trailer: Taron Egerton knows how to get under Ben Mendelsohn's skin17 July 2018
Jóhann Jóhannsson’s final score to be released17 July 2018
No Man's Sky Next is pretty much the game we always wanted - it looks genuinely beautiful17 July 2018
Grace Inspace releases new video for Watersource17 July 2018
Mission: Impossible - Fallout17 July 2018
New Bohemian Rhapsody trailer: Rami Malek will rock you17 July 2018
Inconceivable! The Princess Bride coming to Criterion Blu-ray (in the US)17 July 2018
Alice Merton Lashes Out in her new video17 July 2018
Hail in Madrid is the new video from Inbal17 July 2018
"I think our society is really fucked up so I play by my own rules" We chat with Sarah Shook17 July 2018
Generation Wealth17 July 2018
The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales trailer: A new film from the creators of Ernest and Celestine17 July 2018
Natalie Prass shares the video for her beautiful track, The Fire17 July 2018
Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchridion17 July 2018
This Week's UK Cinema Releases17 July 2018
Agents of SHIELD: 5.21 The Force of Gravity17 July 2018
First Aquaman poster is released ahead of the trailer debut this weekend16 July 2018
"That coffee machine spoke to me on a level nobody else ever has" Idle chit-chat with Tom Neenan16 July 2018
The Piano16 July 2018
Swimming Girls Share Brand New Summer Anthem16 July 2018
Sicilian Ghost Story trailer: Magic realism meets the Mafia16 July 2018
Mom and Dad16 July 2018
"We've lost the art of human conversation but we do have that video of a squirrel putting a nut in a dog so, you know, swings and roundabouts." Idle chit-chat with Tessa Coates16 July 2018
"There's no such thing as the underground scene anymore" - In Conversation with Pallbearer16 July 2018
Mayhem16 July 2018
Greatest TV Characters - Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation16 July 2018
First look at Doctor Who Series 1115 July 2018
The Forest of the Lost Souls trailer: Sometimes even death isn't so black and white15 July 2018
Book Review: A Noise Downstairs - Linwood Barclay14 July 2018
HBO picks up new Joss Whedon Victorian sci-fi TV series 'The Nevers'13 July 2018
Doctor Who series 11: First look coming this Sunday13 July 2018
TDF Premiere: Liquid State -'Temper'13 July 2018
Our Top PC Games13 July 2018
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Release New Single13 July 2018
The Bold Type: 2.06 The Domino Effect13 July 2018
Mary and the Witch's Flower coming to Blu-ray and DVD in September13 July 2018
"I met with groundhog trapper “Trapper Jack” this morning" We chat with Rachel Baiman13 July 2018
Oz Film Festival: The Butterfly Tree13 July 2018
"Pig farming. Welding on pipelines in northern Canada. Abattoir. Lots." Idle chit-chat with Tony Law13 July 2018
First Reformed13 July 2018
Ex Libris: The New York Public Library13 July 2018
So what are the Fortnite rifts all about?12 July 2018
Exclusive Stream of latest single Lipstick Kiss by Capital Eye12 July 2018
Mary, Queen of Scots trailer: Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie royally clash12 July 2018
Incredibles 212 July 2018
"I'd Buy That For a Dollar" - Neill Blomkamp is to resurrect Robocop for another outing12 July 2018
The Avengers: Infinity War on Blu-ray is going to be packed with extra features12 July 2018
Fortnite Season 5 details - the All Terrain Kart revealed and we find out more about the rift12 July 2018
Colette trailer: Keira Knightley stars as author Gabrielle Sidonie Colette12 July 2018
Earth Atlantis12 July 2018
Won't You Be My Neighbor?11 July 2018
Oz Film Festival: The BBQ11 July 2018
Indiana Jones 5 pushed back to 202111 July 2018
The Lemon Twigs Announce New Album11 July 2018
"I met Sir Paul and was probably not very cool about it at all" Catching up with Emily Burns11 July 2018
"People have different expectations from women songwriters and performers. I played through two pregnancies" We chat with Karen Jonas11 July 2018
The Best Nintendo Switch Games So Far11 July 2018
Is a GameCube mini in the offing? New Nintendo trademark applications provide some hints.11 July 2018
The new Xbox One Sport White special edition controller looks lovely11 July 2018
"When I was born, I didn’t breathe for fifteen minutes, which is a really long time" Idle chit-chat with Rosie Jones11 July 2018
The Miseducation of Cameron Post trailer: Chloë Grace Moretz battles against gay conversion therapy11 July 2018
Hexologic11 July 2018
Life Itself trailer: Oscar Isaac drops some serious tear10 July 2018
Agents of SHIELD: 5.20 The One Who Will Save Us All10 July 2018
The Receptionist trailer: A look at the dark, seedy underbelly of London10 July 2018
Star Wars Episode IX - Billy Dee Williams to return as Lando10 July 2018
Optoma UHD51 4K Ultra HD DLP Projector10 July 2018
This Week's UK Cinema Releases9 July 2018
Monster Hunter World is set to be devoured on PC on 9th August9 July 2018
Wonder Park teaser trailer: A young girl discovers a magical hidden theme park9 July 2018
"Music takes the walls down around us and makes us feel like we're all in the same living room" We chat with Tenille Townes9 July 2018
Detective Bureau 2-3 Go to Hell, Bastards!9 July 2018
Queen Zee To Support Dream Wife On Tour9 July 2018
"In 1996, I pined for a boy with a bowl haircut named Bill " Idle chit-chat with Sara Barron9 July 2018
Dogged9 July 2018
Book Review: Blood Cruise - Mats Strandberg9 July 2018
Humans: Series Three Review9 July 2018
The Bone Yard9 July 2018
Oz Film Festival: Kangaroo: A Love-Hate Story8 July 2018
Banjo-Kazooie statue revealed by First 4 Figures8 July 2018
Darksiders III Release Date Leaked - UPDATED8 July 2018
Oz Film Festival: Ellipsis7 July 2018
7 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This week7 July 2018
Keri Russell joins the cast of Star Wars Episode IX6 July 2018
Fortnite will lose its Playground Mode when Season 5 starts - but it will return6 July 2018
Is Surgeon Simulator coming to the Switch? This video suggests it might6 July 2018
Kiran Leonard Announces New Album6 July 2018
Sickly Sweet is the new track from iiola. Listen here.6 July 2018
Hannah Scott shares video for No Gravity6 July 2018
Terminal6 July 2018
The Bold Type: 2.05 Stride of Pride6 July 2018
"I have a character based on my family dog, Peter. He was born without a tail so looks sad all the time" Idle chit-chat with EGG6 July 2018
Lucy Rose releases a remix version of her 2017 album, Something's Changing6 July 2018
The Best Playstation 4 Games Released To Date6 July 2018
Whitney6 July 2018
Milanoir6 July 2018
"Not that looks matter, but Katherine Ryan's face looks INCREDIBLE and FLAWLESS from every angle" Idle chit chat with Lou Sanders5 July 2018
Battle Princess Madelyn looks awesome - and it comes from the mind of a 7 year old!5 July 2018
Play Rocket League for FREE this weekend5 July 2018
Stream Hannah Scott's beautiful new album, Pieces of the Night5 July 2018
Our House trailer: A brother and sister harness the wrong kind of energy5 July 2018
The Best Xbox One Games Released To Date5 July 2018
Jodie Whittaker stars in Paddy Considine's Journeyman - coming to DVD, Blu-ray and VOD on 30th July5 July 2018
"Usually the banjo that Nashville requires is a six-string banjo, so it’s just a guitar banjo. It’s not even a real banjo" In conversation with Ashley Campbell5 July 2018
The Fortnite rift mystery deepens as things start disappearing before players eyes!4 July 2018
The First Purge4 July 2018
In-rang The Wolf Brigade trailer: Director Jee-Woon Kim adapts the manga classic4 July 2018
Star Trek: Prometheus sees Big Finish take on Star Trek!4 July 2018
A quick catch up with Natalie Holmes4 July 2018
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood Share New Track4 July 2018
Mr Mercedes coming to UK streaming via the STARZPLAY channel on Amazon Prime4 July 2018
Introducing our second annual Women in Country & Americana month4 July 2018
We Happy Few is no longer banned in Australia4 July 2018
I Kill Giants4 July 2018
"We nearly got electrocuted at our first festival appearance a few years back" - In Conversation with Anchor Lane4 July 2018
Shenmue I and II coming to PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One this August3 July 2018
The XX Announce Intimate 400 Capacity Show3 July 2018
Our Favourite Games Of 2018 So Far3 July 2018
The Wife trailer: Glenn Close is fed up of being a kingmaker3 July 2018
The Thin Silence3 July 2018
Fortnite - The 'rift' is growing, what could that mean for Season Five?3 July 2018
We The Animals trailer: The dream-like inner world of a young boy and his two brothers3 July 2018
The Hate U Give trailer: First look at the adaptation of Angie Thomas' young adult novel3 July 2018
Fortnite: Playground Mode is back!3 July 2018
Those fake GTA VI announcements are causing problems3 July 2018
"The coolest people on earth are the people who are willing to listen and change" - In Conversation with Nothing More3 July 2018
Book Review: Calypso - David Sedaris3 July 2018
Agents of SHIELD: 5.19 Option Two3 July 2018
Agent Carter is the highlight of launch week of new free to air UK TV channel, Paramount Network2 July 2018
This Week's UK Cinema Releases2 July 2018
You Were Never Really Here2 July 2018
Luis And The Aliens trailer: Three aliens crash land to Earth for some home shopping2 July 2018
Big Finish Review: Torchwood - Goodbye Piccadilly2 July 2018
The Endless Limited Edition2 July 2018
All I Know I Learned From Telly - TV2 July 2018
"Our new songs are a rallying cry" - In Conversation with Monster Truck2 July 2018
The Films of Marco Bellocchio: Part 2 - The Later Films (1986 - 2016)1 July 2018
The Films of Marco Bellocchio: Part 1 - The Early Films (1965 - 1984)1 July 2018
Xtro1 July 2018
"If you put something out there that is honest then people will see that" - In Conversation with Raw In Sect1 July 2018
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