Is Einstein in the Oppenheimer movie?

Christopher Nolan's upcoming movie Oppenheimer is just over the horizon and there's a lot we already know about it, but is Einstein in the Oppenheimer movie?

Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer: black and white

Will Einstein be in the Oppenheimer movie? Christopher Nolan’s new historical drama movie Oppenheimer is set to explore the creation of the atomic bomb, and J. Robert Oppenheimer pivotal involvement within that.

The movie based on a true story, which will release 21 July, 2023 has an expansive A-list cast including Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, and just about every other actor in Hollywood that you can think of.

Murphy plays Oppenheimer himself, while the other stars feature as the people around Oppenheimer including his family, his colleagues, and his adversaries. But given the nature of the subject matter, and the mid-20th century setting, is Einstein in the Oppenheimer movie?

Will Einstein be in the Oppenheimer movie?

No actor has been confirmed to be playing famous theoretical physicist Albert Einstein in the Oppenheimer movie. And, there has been no suggestion from the filming of the movie that the character will be included. So unless it’s officially confirmed closer to the release date, it does not appear that Einstein will be in the Oppenheimer movie.

However, it’s hard to say that for definite. The reason why Einstein could theoretically be in the movie is that the physicist was influential in the development of the atomic bomb, and so could feasibly be involved in the movie’s story. Einstein’s equation E=mc2 explains how energy is released by an atomic bomb – though, he wasn’t involved in the actual creation of bomb itself, only the theory behind it.

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