Halloween Kills director defends horror movie’s controversial ending

Halloween Kills did not fare so well with critics, despite doing well at the box office, now the director has defended it as the movie he wanted to make

Judy Greer in Halloween Kills

While David Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel/reboot in 2018 was generally well-received by critics (79% on Rotten Tomatoes) and audiences, its follow-up Halloween Kills did not fare as well (39% on Rotten Tomatoes). Halloween Kills still did well at the box office, and on streaming, however. Fans will clearly be keen to see how the trilogy rounds out when Halloween Ends arrives on October 14.

Speaking to SFX magazine (via GamesRadar), David Gordon Green has been defending his tricky middle child – Halloween Kills – and its controversial ending, saying that it’s “100% the movie [he] wanted to make” and that he’s “extremely proud of its kind of insanity.”

“To me, psychologically, the whole point of that movie is kind of unravelling things and not resolving things. There’s a lot of people that when they see an ending like that, or that kind of unresolved chaos, they get frustrated as a moviegoer. For me, that’s just part of the fun, and then we get to come in and tidy it up with the last one. So any frustration that was expressed about the last one, I kind of just smile and say, ‘Hold tight, here we come.'”


Green is very aware that you’re never going to please everyone; “It’s funny, because it’s so subjective what people want to see with these movies. Some people just want to literally watch the original film. You’re not going to remake that; you have to do something different.”

Green continues; “Some people say they want X, and then when you literally sit down with your co-writers and are thinking about what that would be like, well, that’s not really a movie, or that’s not enough to sustain my interest, or that’s not enough to go back and actually go to the emotional and logistical effort of making a movie. So what is the story we want to tell? What is the atmosphere and the vibe that we want to experience that makes each of our three contributions to the franchise very different?”

One of the more controversial aspects of Halloween that will potentially be answered in Ends, once-and-for-all, is whether Michael Myers is a regular-degular man or a supernatural being.

While we wait for the release of Halloween Ends, brush up with this explainer of Michael Myers origins.