Rose Tyler Returns – Big Finish launch their range of Billie Piper fronted audios

The last time we saw Rose Tyler (not in her Bad Wolf guise in Day of the Doctor) she had travelled from a parallel universe to join David Tennant as he battled to save the universe from Davros and the Daleks in Journey’s End. Then she told of a ‘Dimension Canon’ which had allowed her to make the jump back to our universe.

Now we get the chance to find out more about Rose Tyler’s adventures after her time with the Doctor thanks to Big Finish – in the new series of audio stories starring Billie Piper; Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon which is available right now.

The stories that make up this release include:

  • 1.1 The Endless Night by Jonathan Morris

    As his parallel universe darkens, Pete Tyler has found a chance of survival. Punch a hole through dimensions and someone can jump through – and maybe find a way to the Doctor’s universe.

    On her very first trip, Rose visits an Earth that’s about to get colder. As a long night begins, Rose meets different versions of her parents. And one man who could help her search. His name is Clive…

  • 1.2 The Flood by Lisa McMullin

    Making another leap with a new companion, Rose finds a world suffering environmental change. The rain won’t stop, and the government could be hiding the scale of the impending disaster.

    While Rose connects with another version of Pete and a strangely compelling young man, Clive meets someone special of his own. In this world, there was no Clive for Caroline to meet, but love can cross dimensions.

  • 1.3 Ghost Machines by AK Benedict

    Pete decides it’s time he accompanied Rose on one of her dimension jumps. But he couldn’t have picked a worse time. They arrive in a world where technology took an extraordinary path, and where the recently deceased Pete Tyler had a very different kind of success.

    As machines start to break down, Pete meets his widow, and he and Rose must confront truths about their ‘family’. But they may not escape this Earth alive.

  • 1.4 The Last Party on Earth by Matt Fitton

    Rose and Jackie Tyler visit a home very close to the one they left behind. But some old friends are missing, and some are unexpectedly present… Rose meets two young men she knows should be together – it can sometimes take the end of the world to see what’s right in front of you.

    Meanwhile, the Powell Estate faces Armageddon in the only way it can – by throwing a party.

David Richardson told us more about the return of Rose in last month’s Vortex magazine: “I love this series. I mentioned identity earlier and it really feels unique to the Big Finish catalogue. This is a Doctor Who spin-off that’s principally about characters. 

“It’s not about monsters and aliens. There are plenty of threats and lots of thrills. But primarily it’s about the end of the world (in four very different ways) and how characters react to that. It’s not always pretty but sometimes it’s beautiful. And Russell’s [T Davies] help with the story development was invaluable – he got us to this really interesting and special place. I’m so hugely grateful to him.” You can read the full article in August’s free Vortex magazine. 

At the announcement of The Dimension Cannon, Billie Piper said: “That’s the great thing about Doctor Who. It challenges new-thinking. It’s progressive and it can be political in amongst these human emotions and relationships. I think that’s its greatest appeal.”

Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon is available now at £24.99 on CD or £19.99 on download. Don’t forget that every CD purchase from unlocks a download exclusive via the Big Finish app and the Big Finish website. 

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 04, 2019

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