D&D Live 2020: Roll w/Advantage

D&D Live 2020: Roll w/Advantage starts this Thursday (June 18th)at 6pm BST (10 am PST). It is this year’s version of an annual event that D&D have been running for the last couple of years. However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, it is being held online rather than in person; and is going to involve much less actual play content.

Last year there was a main stage as well as 4 twitch studios, each with their own twitch channel, and a signing area. This year there is only going to be six live games and some game reveals, book ended by pre-shows and after-shows. But, considering the massive change in how the event is being run I think this smaller schedule is more than understandable. Co-ordinating the schedules and technical set ups of that many people is no easy feat.

Another major change from previous events is that, rather than inviting people who are mainly known for be a part of the D&D actual play community, most of the guests and D&D Live 2020 are famous for being involved with other types of media.

Of the six streamed games that are happening, four of them are themed around groups known for other things.  With Comedians Play D&D, Lost Odyssey Heroes with players who have all been in either Marvel or DC movies, Cast of Thrones with Game of Thrones alumni and an all WWE game being played throughout the weekend. These players may have been picked for their non-D&D-centric fan base. Having them involved may drum up further interest in the event from a wide range of people. This could be lucrative not only from a business perspective but also from the perspective of trying to get as many people to donate to Red Nose Day as possible.

D&D Live 2020’s partnership with Comic Relief is also a first for the event. Past D&D Live events have been more like a D&D convention/community gathering. So, in times as stressful as these, it is a good thing for such a high profile media event to connect itself to a charity. This event could have happened without that connection, but this way thousands of dollar will be raised to help children all over the world deal with the fall out of COVID-19.

You can also donate by purchasing an exclusive Snowy Owlbear shirt or the special adventure ‘Return to the Glory’ that is available now via the DMs Guild.

For the full details of the stream schedule, click here, to go to the official D&D website.



Updated: Jun 17, 2020

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