Most Anticipated Big Finish Doctor Who Audio Releases for the Rest of 2020

Despite unfortunate global developments, production has not stalled at Big Finish in recent months, with a plethora of high-quality Doctor Who audio stories being released for listeners’ enjoyment during this global pandemic. Many more such releases are on the way in the latter months of 2020. This is a rundown of the most anticipated Big Finish audio drama releases in the Doctor Who universe for the rest of the year. (For previous rundown lists, see 2020 here and 2019 here)

Missy Series 2 (July)

After a supreme tour de force from Michelle Gomez in the first volume, the maniacal Missy returns in what promises to be another wacky and unpredictable series. Gomez’s zany interpretation of the Master is set to appear against the Meddling Monk and rogue Sontaran Strax, plus a pair of infuriating children at a Scottish boarding school – and Ogrons! Series two of Missy promises to be a riot and should not be missed under any circumstances.

The Sixth Doctor and Peri (August)

The announcement of new adventures for the Sixth Doctor and Peri was met with much enthusiasm, and it says a lot about this particular Doctor-companion pairing that Peri’s return was heralded with a four-hour boxset release. With the characters’ endearing dynamic, four fun-sounding stories and the writing talent of the likes of Jacqueline Rayner and Nev Fountain, avid listeners of classic Doctor Who will likely flock to pick up The Sixth Doctor and Peri.

Out of Time (August)

Every so often Big Finish announces a story that is almost guaranteed to be a success even months out from release. Out of Time, a special crossover trilogy featuring different Doctor pairings, is one such example. The first hour-long instalment, recorded remotely during lockdown, pairs up the Fourth and Tenth Doctors against the Daleks, with two other instalments to follow.

The Eighth Doctor: Time War 4 (September)

Eighth Doctor releases are always highly anticipated, as are stories set in the Time War: combine the two and you are guaranteed a consistently exciting event-piece release. Volume three of The Eighth Doctor – Time War was the strongest set yet, and its successor promises to raise the stakes even further, featuring not only the return of Davros and the Twelve but also the audio debut of Ken Bones’ General from The Day of the Doctor and Hell Bent. It couldn’t get any better.

The Paternoster Gang: Heritage Volume 4 (October)

The first three volumes (Heritage 1, Heritage 2 and Heritage 3) of the The Paternoster Gang spinoff series proved a real delight to listen to, faithfully depicting the humour, pathos and adventurous tone of protagonists Vastra, Jenny and Strax. The fourth volume – being the culmination of the Heritage arc and including a crossover appearance from Christopher Benjamin as fan-favourite character Henry Gordon Jago – could be the best of the lot if it stays true to those core values.

The War Master: Hearts of Darkness (October)

Following on from September’s Time War release is the latest instalment in the widely lauded War Master range. Fans were no doubt dismayed to know that last year’s Anti-Genesis was the last in the initial run of four boxsets, with no guarantee of further stories featuring Derek Jacobi’s gloriously evil and mesmeric War Master (which remains one of the best casting decisions in Doctor Who). Cue Big Finish’s announcement of two new sets, the first out in October and co-starring Paul McGann.

Time Lord Victorious (October-December)

It is shaping up to be a tremendous year for the Eighth Doctor in the Time War. Time Lord Victorious is a multi-platform epic adventure spanning audio, books, comics and more (including escape rooms!), featuring the Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Doctors. Big Finish’s contribution includes three hour-long stories starring Paul McGann, two Short Trips performed by Jon Culshaw featuring the Master in the Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley incarnations, and more yet to be announced – fantastic stuff.

The Tenth Doctor and River Song (November)

It has been twelve years since Alex Kingston debuted as River Song opposite David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor in Silence in the Library – and now, finally, they have been brought together once more in three new stories from Big Finish. November’s boxset release should prove a sure-fire hit simply for the combination of these two much-loved characters, but also boasts appearances from both the Fifth and Sixth Doctors in the first story, Expiry Dating.

If, having reached the end of this rundown, you’re feeling nostalgic for the past twelve months, you can revisit The Digital Fix’s top picks from early 2020 and late 2019!


Updated: Jun 29, 2020

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