What We Know About Project Scarlett

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What We Know About Project Scarlett

Microsoft have finally confirmed all of the industry speculation and leaks - they're officially working on their next console. We don't know what it will be called yet but we now have more of an idea about what it will be able to do and when it will be here.

What specs can we expect?

The next Xbox is going to be a powerhouse - Microsoft will be placing an AMD Navi 2 based chipset at the console's core alongside lightning fast DDR6 RAM. This thing will be able to throw around polygons up to FOUR times faster than the Xbox One X. Not only that, storage is being upgraded to SSD so with data transfer speeds a massive FOURTY times that of the current conventional hard drive in the current generation. Obviously external storage will be different - and we have no confirmation as yet how this will work.

We also don't know how much of that DDR6 RAM there'll be or how much storage the base model will ship with.

We DO know that Project Scarlett will retain support of physical media. There'll be a disc drive and our guess is that it'll be similar to the 4K Blu-ray drive in all current Xbox One models.

Microsoft claim the console will be able to support resolutions of up to 8K with framerates of 120fps. They also say the console will support real time raytracing meaning we can expect the best visuals we've ever seen in games.

Will current controllers and accessories be compatible with Project Scarlett

YES! Microsoft have confirmed that current controllers will be compatible with the system - including the new Elite 2.0 controller that was unveiled at E3. £160 is still a lot to spend on a controller, but at least now you know you can use it when the next generation is upon us.

When can we expect to get our hands on Project Scarlett?

'Holiday 2020' is the official line. So we should be playing on the console by next Christmas.

What games will we be able to play on it?

Halo Infinite has been confirmed as a launch title for Project Scarlett and should debut alongside the console next Christmas. We also believe that the console will be backwards compatible with the current Xbox One library and now that the team working on updating Xbox 360 and original Xbox games has been moved over to work on compatibility for Project Scarlett we are expecting that full backwards compatible library to move over as well.

So pretty much anything you can play on your Xbox One now is likely to be playable on Project Scarlett alongside the console's own next gen titles.

How much will Project Scarlett cost?

We don't know - nothing official has been released. However, we expect the console to debut at around the same cost as the Xbox One X did - so somewhere between £400 and £500 seems to be a sensible ballpark.

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