What We Know About Fortnite Season 9

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What We Know About Fortnite Season 9

With Fortnite Season 8 now well past the halfway point we're starting to see speculation and leaks about what might be to come in the next season of content.

When does Fortnite Season 9 launch?

There are suggestions that Lazy Lagoon, what with its ocean link, may well be the location of the attack and it'll be pretty exciting to see what happens.

A Volcanic Eruption?

The volcano has been one of the highlights of the Season 8 map. Bringing with it the vents that have added a whole new mechanic to the game, the volcano has been the centre of a lot of the 'Discovery' challenges so it's clear that Epic are placing a lot of focus on this.

There is also a new lava pool in Dusty Divot at the site of the player-led excavation so we fully expect a huge event at some point that will see the volcano make itself truly known.

As season eight heads towards its finale we can expect big changes and as is customary we can expect significant map updates going into the next 10 weeks of content; a volcanic eruption will be the perfect mechanism to bring this about with the opportunity for earthquakes, new fissures and cracks exposing new points of interest.

Also in the closing weeks of the season we've seen a number of runes appear that players have been able to slowly move toward the structure uncovered at Loot Lake. The theory is that the volcano (where the final rune has appeared) and the structure may be linked with the two working together to open up new map opportunities - could we about to be go deeper underground?

A Kraken Attack?

There have been hints since Season 8 started that we could see a Kraken attack the map in some kind of event. There have been images of Krakens from the moment the season started and as the season has progressed we've seen more and more of them.

We already know the next season will begin on or around 9th May as Season 8 is scheduled to come to a close on the 8th. But what can we expect in terms of map changes, Battle Pass updates and new 'characters'?

The Kraken theories have quietened down of late as the volcano has become centre to more and more of what is going on in the game.

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