Windbound, the gorgeous looking RPG, gets a new gameplay trailer as pre-orders go live

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox One | Google Stadia | PC

The Zelda-like Windbound is now available for pre-order on Xbox One and PC, with Stadia and other platforms to follow soon. To celebrate Deep Silver have revealed a new gameplay trailer that you can watch above.

A new day dawns on the Forbidden Islands. Kara, driven to find the path that leads her back to her tribe, pushes on in her extraordinary odyssey into the unknown.

The islands are alive with magic and enchantment telling the tales of their origin and revealing the role Kara unknowingly plays in it as each artefact that she unearths unlocks a new clue to her past.

Witness Kara’s evolution in survival as she scavenges for resources and gains the skills to craft and equip her with the ultimate sea vessel and the strongest combat-ready attire and weaponry. Increasingly ferocious battles on land and now at sea will transform her into the hardened warrior she was born to become.

All the while, a storm unlike any she has ever seen, is pulling her through the treacherous waters to face a mystical presence that lies beneath the sea.

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