The procedural worlds of No Man's Sky look beautiful

Platforms: YouTube

Hello Games surprised the gaming world over the weekend with their reveal trailer for No Man's Sky; a game that wouldn't look out of place coming from a major studio on the scale of Ubisoft or DICE. Their last game Joe Danger, was good - no - excellent, but it didn't hint at anything like what we've seen in the trailer above.

Everything in No Man's Sky is procedurally generated - that is NOT designed by hand. Everything - is created on the fly by the computer within certain bounds to enable various environments and it appears as though as the player you'll be able to move freely between water, land, air and space with no limitations. Previous procedural games (think Elite) have all been a bit samey but this is so much more and if a team of Hello Games size can build something like this we'll be massively disappointed if Elite IV doesn't do even more from the start.

Most of the time, gaming is one disappointment (read FPS) after another, but some weeks you get things that truly show that in the right hands the future possibilities of our hobby could actually be very exciting indeed. This appears to be one of those weeks!

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