Civilization heads into space

Platforms: YouTube

Those of us who have been clamouring for a revisit to the Civ spin-off, Alpha Centauri can finally let out a tiny 'squee' with the announcement that Firaxis are putting together a brand new entry in the Civilization series - Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Much like its spiritual successor, Civ: BE will see you set about colonizing and exploring an alien world and is going to be more narratively driven than it's Terran equivalent. As before, you'll be able to take control of one of a number of factions who arrive on an alien world and then in true Civ style you'll be able to research, explore, build and conquer through might or diplomacy. It's all familiar stuff but with a sci-fi edge. We cannot wait!

Check out the exciting trailer above. Civilization: Beyond Earth is coming to our puny world this autumn.


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