Team Sonic Racing Review

After so long, the blue blur is back on the track, this time with a pure kart racing game filled to the brim with things long time Sonic fans are likely to love on top of some solid racing.

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey Review

At once, the strong qualities of the voice acting and script jump out during the introductory moments of Dance of Death: Du Lac and Fey, but equally so, technical issues niggle and pull attention.

Stellaris: Console Edition - Leviathans Review

Better balance and new features make this a worthwhile update

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Asobo Studio tells a powerful tale about death in A Plague Tale: Innocence, but is it one worth playing through?

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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen still looks and feels just as good as it did way back in 2012

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Dapper Penguin Studios’ logistics management sim is stepping foot out of Early Access into the great wide world.