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This Tin Man Already Has A Heart

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Read our review of SolSeraph on the PlayStation 4. Is is really the spiritual successor to ActRaiser?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review

To say that Three Houses is a huge game is an understatement - it is an epic. More than that, each route is lengthy too, with me having to pull myself away to write this review at the 45 hour mark, simply because I could keep playing for another couple of months and not run out of content.

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EA's long-running Gridiron sim is back for another season

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RADtv offers radical hot-seat multiplayer mayhem in VR, but can this party game handle the heat?

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Earth Defense Force 5 Review

EDF 5 sidesteps a lot of critique it might otherwise have earned by remaining truly unique and worthwhile in it's ambition to provide huge scale battles and throw incredible numbers of enemies onto screen at once. What shines about the series is bright enough to make concerns over looks a moot point. Anyone looking for a new game to play with a group of friends is going to find some intense, mindless fun with this entry and fans are going to be well served too by the improvements made over the last PC release.