Windlands 2 Review

Reviewed on Oculus Rift

Also available on PC

VR is full of odd little games that are made all the more impressive thanks to the immersion they offer. You can float around in space, fight with cavemen, and even pretend to be John Wick. Windlands 2 offers you the chance to feel the superhero mash up of Spider-Man meets Hawkeye. Basically, you can swing around, and you can shoot arrows, it’s a lot of fun.

Let’s start with the good: the traversal. The traversal is one of the most stomach-lurchingly exciting available in any game. You aim your grappling hooks at special surfaces and swing around, it takes a little while to get used to, but once you’ve reconciled the fact that you aren’t really about to fall to your death it’s a rush. Going from point to point, arm over arm, is like nothing else. It is worth playing Windlands 2 just for the thrill of movement.

That isn’t all though, there’s also a pretty cool combat mechanic in and of itself, after all plenty of games utilise it as their main tool. Here the bow materialises when you bring your hands together, allowing you to shoot arrows out with varying degrees of accuracy. The only real problem is that the world is so fast moving that using it well isn’t always easy. It is fun when it all comes together, but some of the fights are pretty brutal, this isn’t a game for those who aren’t familiar with VR.

The visual style is somewhat minimalistic but quite entrancing. The bright colours and clear textures are clearly designed to make things easy to spot at speed, because you’ll usually be flying towards things or falling away from them. It makes for an easy to understand environment, though it could do with being a little bit busier. The world is designed as a race course for the most part. You aren’t meant to be stopping to take in the sights but rushing through them as quickly as possible. The only time you should stop is when fighting, even then movement is not only encouraged, but essential if you want to survive.

Windlands 2 builds upon the interesting aspects from the first iteration well, it still fees like it could go further though. You know have co-op so you can swing around with other people, this is where the game feels best. The sight of other people sailing through the sky is wonderful, trying to beat each other to various check points is an immensely enjoyable experience. It still feels like there is more that could be done to the ideas presented here, but it is a strong entry all on its own.


Windlands 2 is a lot of fun. The movement and combat are both a huge amount of fun, they just fall short of being perfect. The new co-op features make this a fantastic game to play with friends, and it is here that the game is at its best.


out of 10
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