Warparty Review

Reviewed on Sony PlayStation 4

Also available on Microsoft Xbox One, PC, Apple Mac and Nintendo Switch
Warparty Review

One of the biggest problems in the video game world is that there aren’t enough games with dinosaurs, and it’s great that Warparty is trying to fix this issue, but the presence of dinosaurs is the only interesting part of the game.

Warparty is a real-time strategy lodged firmly in the Age of Empires spirit - you must control workers to exploit each map’s features, and use these resources to create buildings, spawn soldiers, and use these troops to eradicate your opponents.

The unique selling point of the game is its theme - it takes place in a fantasy world that combines the aesthetics of spiritualistic magic with dinosaur / caveman pre-history, so depending on the faction you play your troops can be legions of ankylosaurus or wendigos, which lends an appreciated goofy tone to the game.

A base layout like any other

Other than the novel aesthetic, though, Warparty plays like any other Age of Empires clone, and there’s little in terms of gameplay that makes it feel any different from many other similar games.

On top of that the aesthetic is only interesting in terms of units and setting - the story and world set up in the campaign are unconvincing and the voice acting is embarrassingly over-the-top, and all in all it felt like the campaign would have been better off as simply a series of skirmishes.

The rest of the design is passable - the music is fitting for each faction and doesn’t become too overbearing over time, and the art design is good looking and uncluttered.

The maps have distinct looks and feels to play

The game is a little better optimised for consoles that many other strategies - unit selection is mapped to one button, and holding it down selections more troops, so it’s quick and easy to do, and issuing commands and selecting buildings for tasks is just as easy - many strategy games on console fail from poor controls, but Warparty’s controls work well.

Despite the good controls, and how fun it is ordering a herd of dinosaurs to stomp all over your enemies, Warparty feels a little uninspired, and there’s little to differentiate from so many other strategy games that are always coming out.


Warparty is a fine game, but fails to differentiate itself in gameplay


out of 10
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