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PSVR is a great platform for Owlchemy Lab’s games, games where your standing still most of the time and messing with the environment really suit Sony’s virtual reality headset. Job Simulator is still one of my families favourite VR games and when the sequel was announced, we could not wait to take an insane virtual vacation together.

One of the things I really liked in the first game was the humour, the interactions with the bots, the dialogue and the slapstick comedy were something I really appreciated. Thankfully that same amusing streak is present in Vacation Simulator, it’s still very goofy and a lot of fun.

Its all very silly and fun

This time you are on an island and are partaking in a vacation simulation. The island is split into three zones for all your vacation needs, these zones all have a theme and are very different from each other. Each of these zones serves as a hub for you to complete various tasks and challenges. These challenges award you vacation memories and these memories unlock more areas for you to mess around in.

Its all very simple and in this case that is definitely a good thing. The whole game is set out to be simple, make you smile and be enjoyable for everyone who plays it. You can complete the memory tasks or just mess about with the games many objects and environments. My kids love just throwing things around and generally causing carnage to the many robotic inhabitants of the island.

There are lots of tasks to complete on your virtual vacation

The games many tasks are varied and a lot of fun, it’s a lot more in-depth than Job Simulator and there are a lot more tasks to get involved in. Everything from photography, cooking and sports to fishing and painting. These challenges are uncanny and hilarious. Also at higher difficulties require you to carry items between the game’s zones and think outside the box a little. Its fun trying to work out hot to get all the memories and complete all the tasks in each area.

There is so much to do on this island and so many secrets to find that it would take thousands of words to cover it all, plus I want you to discover and enjoy this game on your own terms. Its great fun, me and the family have been laughing a lot playing and collecting all the vacation memories together. Its a game that never takes itself too seriously and it’s thoroughly enjoyable all the way through.

Painting with Bob Ross bot is brilliant

Graphically, Vacation Simulator is superb, the big chunky, bright graphics really pop and suit VR beautifully. Everything is crisp and very well rendered. Nothing is lost in the low resolution of the VR headset and the whole presentation is extremely well done. Everything from the menus to the UI is well thought out and well designed. The art style goes hand in hand with the humorous style of gameplay and it’s all beautifully whimsical.

The sound design is another great thing about Vacation Simulator, the sounds and voice acting are amazing. The bots have so much life and their interpretation of human existence is so ridiculous. Talking and interacting with them all is a constant joy and had me smiling the whole time I was playing. The sound effects and music also play their part and again are very well done and fit the style of the game aptly.

You can even go for a dive in the sea if it takes your fancy

The VR implementation is brilliant, everything is adjustable and can be tailored to suit your needs. I do like that a small person mode has been added though. In Job Simulator if my boys wanted to play I had to stand them on a stool, they were too small, even with the floor raised to the max. This was not the case with this new feature and both my boys can play normally on the floor the same as me and other normal sized people.

The VR tracking was very good and all the stations you work at can be raised or lowered to suit your needs. I had zero issues with VR ‘messiness’, I never had to adjust my camera or rearrange anything at all. It’s really irksome if you have to fiddle with things in a VR game and thankfully that was not an issue here. The game is well designed, it runs well and I have no issues to report in that department. I was just left to enjoy the game and all its insane stupidity.

Seb Hawden

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

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