Untitled Goose Game Review

Reviewed on Sony PlayStation 4

Untitled Goose Game Review

Ever since a short trailer of a naughty little Goose was shown to the world in 2017, people have been very interested in the plucky little white hooligan. I have played Untitled Goose Game before, I played it when it released on the Nintendo Switch earlier this year and really enjoyed it. I have, however, been patiently waiting for a PlayStation version, with its trophies and virtual platinum bauble to earn.

The thing about Untitled Goose game, for me anyway, is the fact it is so original. It is not very often you get a truly original video game idea and if Untitled Goose game is anything, it is certainly that. Everybody who plays gets to live out their fantasy of just being an absolute nuisance. It's very liberating, a lot of fun and truly unique.

Nope, I do not have your radio. Honest.

Controlling the infamous goose is most of the time a joy, I had the odd issue trying to drag items through or over other objects but they were few and far between. The controls are not complex, they are well thought out and work competently. You have a run button, a honk button, a grab button and a button to open your wings. That is about it, it's simple and trimmed down, very much like the rest of this game's production and its very admirable.

In each area, you are tasked with performing a few seemingly simple quests to mess with the local populace. Whether it be stealing peoples items, locking people in garages or just performing acts of random vandalism. In the base game, there is no time limit, no chance of failure and everything is fun and extremely easy going. Working out how to achieve these goals is fun and rewarding and will take some trial and error.

Back of the net!

As you complete these goose-related crimes, new areas open up with new tasks and new people to harass. Its all very simple, streamlined and extremely bloat-free, which is something I like a lot. No collectables, upgrades or padding, just a massive amount of goose-related hijinx. There are also hidden tasks, not required to progress to new areas and are completely optional. These extra, slightly more difficult challenges that can be accomplished anytime and require a bit of extra thought and effort.

After you have finished the game these previously hidden extra tasks get shown to you and you can move back through the town to complete them. They often involve using items from other areas and definitely require a bit more planning. It's all good fun though and never too taxing on the old grey matter. You also get a few time trials to do, each area's base challenges must be completed before the church bell tolls, which is 6 minutes. I am not a fan of times challenges but these are not too bad and only require a bit of planning and timed execution to complete.

I seem to have caused an argument. Brilliant.

Graphically, most people have seen Untitled Goose Game's art style. Very crisp, colourful and has a definite stylish look to it. Everything is blocks of colour and things like shading and textures are near non-existent. I love this art style, especially with this game, it suits it perfectly and really compliments the gameplay and music perfectly.

I also adore the UI in this title, from the street sign pause menu to the notepad style list of tasks that get crossed out when completed. It's all so approachable, simple and welcoming. No massive inventory to manage, no overbearing information screens, you are presented with basic information that you need, when you need it. Again, it is beautiful, simple game design and it just works, flawlessly.

The graphical style and UI are beautifully simple.

The music in Untitled Goose Game is very quaint, soft and soothing. Until you get caught, chased off or attacked with a broom, then it ramps up a notch or two. It's very orchestral with piano's plonking along as you stride into peoples lives and cause them grief. As with the art style and gameplay, the music is simple, well-made and perfectly fitting.

There was one feature, albeit a small one that is unique to the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Your light bar, which is white by default in this game, turns orange when you honk. This is completely mad, unnecessary and I absolutely love it. Again, it shows a team who know their product and are dedicated to a certain vision. Its fun, it's nonsense and I admire that a lot. All in all, it is a honking good time.

Untitled Goose Game is available to download from the PlayStation and Xbox online stores now. The game is also available via Xbox Game Pass.


Untitled Goose Game is unique, well-made and very streamlined. Everything works, it is a lot of fun and unlike anything I have played before. Its not often you get to experience something new so go out there, break stuff and become a real 'Goosance'. It is not often I make up a work but this game deserves it. Its brilliant.



out of 10

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