Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid Review

Reviewed on PC

Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid Review

When the world of Two Point Hospital couldn't get any weirder. It takes the diagnosis one step further with this fresh and very green world of Off The Grid DLC. Two Point Studios has added another 3 maps to the seemingly ever-expanding game. We are introduced to Wanderoff, Old Newpoint and Windsock hospitals. Each with their own unique layouts and designs.

Four New treatment rooms in three new environments.

Open heart surgery outdoors? Wanderoff is a campsite where you literally have a fresh wind blowing through your fingers while you inspect the depths of the human anatomy. Fancy working on the local wildlife, then Old Newpoint is your kind of place. Set on a farm, and set out in barns and fields. Let your patients graze while they wait for their local GP. And last but not least is Windsock. A futuristic and luscious green hospital complex. It comes with additional renewable energy you can buy to support the life of your patients inside your hospital.

The new DLC brings a lot of the great outdoors into the world of medicine. With new items being added, you can really see the creativeness that can unfold in the corridors and wards. Putting down a carrot vending machine instead of a fizzy drink machine might be the way forward from now on in your establishment.

Windsock is a lush green energy themed map. One for the masters to master.

Patients wandering through your doors will bring a range of new illnesses, 35 to be exact (pothead being my favorite) and with these weird and oddly new illnesses, you will need additional treatment rooms. This new content delivers on that with 4 new rooms and some hilarious layouts.

I mostly played on the Wanderoff ground. It is very different working against stones as a border than walls. I would have preferred if they made the stones like a cabin border, just to give it a more wholesome feel, but that small negative is only a personal preference and shouldn't hinder the overall gameplay. I also played on the Windsock ground too. I felt it was very difficult with its limited space. It possesses more of a challenge and any experienced Two Point Hospital fan will be able to master the space available.

Be at one with nature!

All in all, the Off The Grid DLC has been fun and a great addition to what seems an ever-expanding game. It always seems to come offer on Steam as well, so if you are missing it from your collection, it is a must buy. With Two Point Studios always developing new content, I cant see this game ever slowing down.

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