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Read our review of the brilliant Two Point Hospital. Grab your stethoscope and get curing those patients!

Most people hate hospitals and for good reason too. All the waiting around and faffing about makes us all edgy and glum. I grew up pouring hours upon hours into Theme Hospital and loved its quirky take on the simulation genre. Strap yourself in and grab your stethoscope, it’s your turn to see if you can alleviate peoples hospital drama in Two Point Hospital.

Two Point Hospital is a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital and some of the original team worked on this game’s development. You can see this as soon as you start and anyone who has played Theme Hospital will immediately see the similarities. That trademark humour, the comical diseases and quirky gameplay all carry across. The first game was excellent and there is no reason to re-invent the wheel, just improve it where possible and Two Point Hospital certainly does that.

I love Two Point Hospitals art style, it really fits the comedic style of the game perfectly.

In Two Point Hospital, you are tasked with dragging various hospitals up through the ranks, designing and improving them as required. Each site introduces new systems and features and one great thing about this title is its steady introduction of new elements. It never gets overwhelming or boring, there is always something new to tinker with or try out.

Your hospital on each site levels up with new department installations, more cured patients and increased intricacy. In order to get more patients and progress further, you must raise your hospital star rating. It is out of three stars and each star requires certain tasks to be completed. Whether it be training staff, curing new diseases, researching new departments or making a certain amount of cash, it is a lot of fun trying to get three stars on each hospital site.

It is your mission to get all your hospitals up to three stars.

As each hospital introduces new elements to toy with, getting each three-star rating is different and quite often requires you to take a different approach with your design. I also relished the fact that each hospital I designed, I took my lessons from the previous design and tried to use them to improve my current project. It gave me a lot of satisfaction watching my skills advance, improving efficiency and profits as I went.

Your career spans across all of your hospitals, you have career goals that span your career and give you various challenges to complete. These challenges, as well as your goals to improve the star rating of your hospital award Kudosh. Kudosh is a currency that can be used to unlock new cosmetic items and furniture that can help improve your varying hospital creations. I loved returning to old hospitals and making small improvements as I progressed through the game.

There is a lot of information to take in but it is presented well.

There are a lot of variables and factors to be considered when planning your design. Staff levels, cleanliness, walking routes, training and many more things need to be watched at all times. Luckily, in Two Point Hospital, the nice UI design and menu system make it easy to keep track of everything and make adjustments on the fly. You even get tips on the screen if there is something you need to attend to immediately.

I remember when I had one hospital where a lot of people died and their ghosts were scaring my patients. I did not realise at the time but I had zero janitors with the ghost removal skill. A quick pause of the time flow and a cheeky scour of the employee hiring screen later, I was back in business. My new janitor come-ghost-buster had saved the day. The pause time feature is great and can be used to save yourself when you are in a pinch or need some thinking time to design things at your own pace.

A lightheadedness sufferer, the poor bloke.

I love the comedic style that has carried over from Theme Hospital. The range of funny and outrageous diseases is still intact, people with light bulbs for heads, patients who think they are rock stars are just some of the weird things you will need to cure. You are also treated to funny announcements from the hospital tannoy and hospital radio. They often made me chuckle and made designing hospitals very pleasurable.

There are a few features missing that are present in the PC version, such as Sandbox mode and Superbug mode. However, the developer has promised that these will be added in late March. There is some DLC content already included in this package and with more clinical content to look forward to in the future. You will certainly get your money’s worth.

Is that Doctor asleep in the staff room? Get HR on the phone!

Graphically, Two Point Hospital is lovely. Everything has a nice cartoony look to it and is designed and modelled beautifully. Whether you are zoomed out to get an overall look to proceedings or you are zoomed right into characters faces, the art style fits the subject matter and comedy style of the game superbly. Sitting back and watching the spectacularly animated hospital machine grind away never gets old.

The sound design in this game is also very good. The announcements, sound effects and music all remind me of being in a clinical environment. It is very authentic and puts you right inside the bright white walls of a real hospital. At the same time though it is very lighthearted, funny and very enjoyable, making fun of death and disease is good right?

Seb Hawden

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

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