Trust Gaming GXT 310 Radius Gaming Headset Hands On Review

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Budget headsets are two-a-penny - it's a crowded space that means that to get recognition you have to deliver performance above what is usually expected at that price point. You don't get much cheaper than the £19.99 Trust Gaming GXT 310 Radius Gaming headset - but thankfully it has a few tricks up its sleeve to make it a purchase worth considering.

Compatible with all current consoles as well as the PC, the GXT 310 feature a chunky pair of cans alongside a pretty obvious mic. For less than twenty quid you can't expect performance without a few trade-offs and we'd suggest that the weak point here might be in the headset's looks. Thankfully, they're not as weighty as they might look which means they're comfortable to wear and have a nice snug, but not tight, fit on your head. The headband is adjustable and makes the headset feel nice to wear for adults and older kids.

There is an inline remote on the 1m long cable and the headet ships with an additional 1m extension for more distant gaming - PC couch gamers will certainly benefit from the extra length. The remote allows you to control the volume and to switch the microphone on and off.

In terms of performance the GXT 310 Headset is decent. It provides neither the clearest, or most weighty, sound you'll have heard, but it's also not bad. Clear enough with decent separation while slightly lacking in both the upper and lower ends of the audio spectrum. The 40mm speakers don't skimp on detail ensuring a rounded, if not totally perfect, sound. There's little muffle which is great but occasionally the sound can feel a little harsh.

The ‘phones themselves are well padded but the unit as a whole feels a little plasticky - something that highlights that these aren't top-of the range cans. For the money, though, you really would struggle to do better.

The model we reviewed was the camouflage coloured GXT 310c - in all honesty these are probably the worst looking option in terms of colours and look a lot cheaper and less classy than the black and red variant pictured above.


Reasonable performance at a brilliantly affordable price point. There are better headsets out there, but not for this money.


out of 10

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