Thoth Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Also available on PC, Apple Mac and Nintendo Switch

In addition to the positive release of 140 on the Switch, Carlsen Games decided to grace the Switch with a port of its 2016 game Thoth. If you are not familiar with the indie twin-stick shooter, Carlsen Games describes Thoth as:

a challenging twin-stick shooter you can conquer alone or cooperatively with a friend. Each stage is handcrafted to test coordination and puzzle-solving skills. Colorful minimalist graphics combine with an intense unnerving soundtrack, making for an exciting mix of art and arcade.

It is important to keep in mind that this release of Thoth is a Nintendo Switch port of the original PC release. Nothing is different other than the system on which it is being played. However, much like the recent release of 140 for the Switch, I don't believe that this is a bad thing. Thoth is a twin-stick shooter with fairly basic graphics, intentionally so, that centres around the player shooting moving geometric enemies.

Despite its simple graphics and one-screen focus, Thoth successfully conveys the potential chaos and terror of a good bullet hell shooter. Every four levels new enemy mechanics are tossed in, making it easy to get thrown off if complacency sets in. If you do get thrown off though, it may not be the end of your success. Players are given a second chance after dying on a level, however, the second time around features a deadly border around the screen in order to further add to the dangers and need for visual hyper-vigilance. Thankfully though, if you die the second time on a level you will not have to start your run completely over as there are checkpoints every four levels instead. This is a much welcomed feature given that a full run to complete the game sends the player through 64 levels of increasing difficulty and complexity.

Thoth can be considered a rather short game by today's standards, with an average player completing it in approximately an hour or so, with speedrunners getting that time under the 10-minute mark. A good way to get extra value out of the game once beaten the first time is to do exactly that and try to better yourself each subsequent time. If the repetitive nature of that isn't your cup of tea, Thoth also features a new set of procedural levels once completing the main game to toss in a bit of freshness as well.


Colorful, chaotic geometry simultaneous made me want to run to the hills and try "just one more time" when playing through Thoth. Excellently polished game that deserves a spot on everyone's Nintendo Switch without a doubt.


out of 10

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