The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition Switch Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Also available on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition Switch Review

This will be a very strange review for me, I have poured hours upon hours into the PS4 edition of this fantastic game and even played enough to get all the trophies. This review will be mostly about how the Nintendo Switch port fares and I may touch a little on the gameplay for people who have never played or heard of this title. You know, people who have been living in a cave for the last few years.

In The Witcher 3 you play as Geralt, a monster hunter imbued with magical powers and abilities. Geralt is searching for his adopted and missing daughter who is on the run from the Wild Hunt. This band of otherworldly creatures seek her out for her powerful and wonderful abilities. Its a broad tale that takes in themes of war, love, companionship and sacrifice. The Witcher 3 is held in high regard by many a gamer and as I said earlier, I adored it on the PS4.

Yep, it's definitely The Witcher 3

So how does the Switch version fare then? Well, let's get the main reason everyone is here for straight off the bat. The resolution of this title running on Nintendo's portable hybrid will not win any awards, it's rather low, jaggy in places and has quite a bit of aliasing. Its quite murky, some of the textures are very low quality and sacrifices have definitely been made across the board.

That being said, once you get stuck into this massive open-world game and start to experience its amazing splendour, the low resolution will become inconspicuous. Yes, it was a shock to start with but you have to appreciate what you have here. This is a massive game, with all its expansions, with no cuts in content whatsoever, it's portable and it is completely incredible. It's an amazing achievement that should be praised to the highest order.

I love Geralt's personality, he really does not mess about.

What I can say is that in my whole time playing the game so far, albeit I have not seen everything, there is a lot of game here to see, my framerate has been excellent. I would much rather have a steady framerate over a few extra pixels added to the resolution, performance is far more important to me and that, so far, has been excellent.

Now all that performance and resolution nonsense are out of the way lets talk about the package you receive on the Switch. You get the full Witcher 3 experience, you get the main game, the Hearts of Stone expansion, the Blood and Wine expansion and everything in-between. What is also great about that is if you buy the retail version its all included on the cartridge. No downloads required, which is a nice touch. It's an excellent package to carry around with you on the go and there is a lot of game here to savour.

You can start stright from the DLC with the story completed, it is such a great feature.

From the start menu you are presented with an option I did not expect but it suited me perfectly. You can start either expansion, by itself from the get-go. For people like me who have already played through the game and never played the expansions, this was sweet music to my ears. I think CD Projekt Red have been very clever here and included this feature for the massive amount of players in the same boat as me.

I selected the first expansion and was thrown into the game, the main quest completed, some decent gear, level 32 and with loads of skill points to spend. It was a perfect solution for me, I could skip all the stuff I had already seen and dive straight into the juicy new content. All the monster hunts and side quests were still available though as I did a few I recognised early on and they were sufficient to get me back into the swing of things.

Graphically the game is fine, once you get over the resolution drop. It runs great though and that is far more important to me.

The main mechanics of the game, story and presentation is everything you remember, Geralt is still gruff, no-nonsense and brilliant. The map is still massive and full of things to do and there are monsters everywhere, quests all over the place and nests to destroy. Its the Witcher 3 and it can be played anywhere, in bed, on a train, on a plane or anywhere you want, you can hunt monsters to your heart's content. I hope more developers get on board porting bigger games and this port shows, with a few concessions, it can be done to a great standard.

If you have never played the Witcher 3, have never played the DLC or just want a portable, massive RPG to play then look no further, the Witcher 3 is a good purchase. If you are a bit of a graphics snob and cannot simply deal with a drop in resolution from other versions of this game perhaps give it a miss. I will be playing it far into the future and the thought of what I have in my hands still amazes me. Its the Witcher 3 and it's portable, did you hear me? It's portable Witcher and it's glorious.


Its amazing what has been done with this portable Witcher 3 port. Yes the graphics are downgraded, yes it does not look as good as other versions but it is a well running portable version of a great RPG. You get a lot of game for your money and it is well worth your time and effort.



out of 10

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