The Padre Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Also available on PC and Nintendo Switch
The Padre Review

The Padre is a retro stylised 3D horror adventure game that quite clearly stems from the roots of classic horrors from years before. With its blocky graphics and challenging puzzles it really strikes up some not-so-distant memories. But is that a good thing?

The Padre tells the tale of a priest - and former demon hunter - who receives a mysterious letter detailing the unlikely disappearance of Cardinal Benedictus. The letter tells of the fact he has been missing for a week and where his last known location was. Off you go, the dutiful priest you are, to Mississippi Delta. On the way, you stop off at a very creepy looking mansion, because why wouldn't you? Hoping for some food and a place to stay, you enter. Unfortunately, you get a whole lot more than some bread and water. Truth is, I didn't connect to the story in any way possible and I'm not really sure why. Perhaps it was because of the way the story was told? I don't know, it just didn't seem to grip me the way I hoped it would.

The Padre

The Padre deep in thought... or is he?

As I stated earlier, The Padre is a 3D horror adventure game but how does it deliver as one? Well, it's certainly an adventure game. Horror? Not so much, unfortunately. I love horror games and for me, The Padre just didn't deliver in that way, I was never scared nor on edge throughout the course of the game. No enemy made me on edge, no jump scares, nothing like that. Though I don't believe the purpose of this game is to scare, but for the horror genre, it should give it a go.

As you journey through the mansion you will come across puzzles to solve, demons to defeat and you will have to investigate items you find along the way. The game's puzzles are sometimes quite annoying, I found myself spending far too long wandering around trying to figure out where to go next or how to get past a certain enemy. A lot of the time I would have to resort to getting advice from people who had played the game previously only to release the answer was incredibly silly or something I would never have thought of. Defeating the enemies in the game can be frustrating also as the combat is extremely clunky. The controls just feel very heavy and aimlessly swinging around a crowbar hoping for the best just isn't the way to go. You can find guns later on as you progress but using these is just as awkward. I will say that the combat does remind me of the original Resident Evil games where aiming and moving couldn't be done at the same time, unthinkable. Oh and be careful what items you pick up. I found what was a nod to the Dark Souls Board Game and when I clicked to investigate it, I died. I should've known really.

One of the features that I found interesting in The Padre was actually when you die. In the unfortunate circumstance of your death, you will collect some Angel Tears in a little bottle in your inventory. How? I've got no idea but fill this bottle up and it's game over, for good. You must start fresh. Completely unnecessary and that's the only thing I feared whilst playing this game. So, make sure not to make those Angels cry, too much.

The Padre

Stop upsetting those Angels!

Said to be like Minecraft mixed with Devil May Cry you can imagine the graphics style you're going to get here. Very blocky and very dark, which I don't mind. I love the style of Minecraft. The blocky-ness mixed with the fixed camera angles makes that nostalgic feeling truly come alive.

I do really enjoy the witty humour of The Padre himself. I mean, he has a really bad English accent but it's hilarious to just hear him speak. Especially when it's something so silly as walking up to an armour rack saying 'you are suspicious' or upon seeing a zombie lady his response is 'a zombie lady is reading and singing a lullaby, but to whom?!' It just gives this game a very light feeling.


The Padre has so much potential but sadly it fails to deliver on most of the aspects I was really looking forward to. With uninteresting gameplay and clunky controls it's fairly difficult for me to recommend this game as a survival horror. If you go into this expecting a witty adventure, you may enjoy it more.


out of 10

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