Super Mario Odyssey Original Soundtrack Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Also available on Nintendo Switch

Often among Mario fans and aficionados there is a universal unspoken truth that Super Mario Galaxy has the best soundtrack of any Mario game. Its use of orchestrated music was a first for the series and featured an array of memorable melodies. Which in turn delivered a near cinematic experience not generally associated with platformers.

Fast forward more than a decade and Nintendo’s 10/10 Super Mario Odyssey has a soundtrack to match the greatness of the game and in keeping with trends to try new firsts the Odyssey track includes the first song with words.

Take it in stride

As you move side to side

They're just different points of view

Jump with me, grab coins with me

Oh yeah!

Really it shouldn’t work but the melody is so infectious that you can’t help but smile and sway to the beat of a Nintendo shaped drum.

This week sees the release in Japan of a 4 disc boxset of the Super Mario Odyssey Original Soundtrack and boy what a package it is. Even the slip cover is made from high quality cardboard that almost feels plastic to the touch. There are 143 tracks spread across the 4 CDs and from the very start you will be transported back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Discs 1 through 3 cover most of the game music taking you from that wonderful opening theme through to the final battel with Bowser. The second half of disc 3 includes the full versions of the vocal tracks along with Japanese and Karaoke versions.

The package is rounded out with Disc 4 that includes an array of 8bit versions of the main themes found throughout the game when Mario enters the 2D realm. They are a joy to listen to and it is impossible to not feel nostalgic about a bygone era. The disc ends with a slew of little jingles that play throughout the game.

So how does the music stack up? Very, very well. You will find the usual assortment of remixed and rearranged tunes from Mario’s past, the Band Performance (Super Mario Brothers Above Ground) is a delight yet despite being another version of Mario’s main theme. The stand out track is Fossil Fuels which combes the traditional Mario theme with an orchestral reimagining which makes this the ideal track to use as the main promotional theme alongside Jump Up, Jump Up Superstar.

As this is a Nintendo soundtrack don’t expect a western release or for it to appear on any streaming service. However if you enjoy this genre, enjoyed the music from Super Mario Odyssey and like your music on a physical format the soundtrack can be imported by your favourite Asian emporium.

The bar has now been set very high and the 5 Disc Limited Edition The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild soundtrack, due in April, will have a lot to live up to.


Captures the spirit of Mario and Nintendo, the tunes not only fit the game to a tee but are outstanding themes in their own right. You will be humming these tunes for years to come .


out of 10


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