Suicide Guy Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Suicide Guy thankfully does not tackle mental health issues, nor is it trying to be serious, everything you do in the game is in dream which means it can remain colourful and cheerful throughout. This is for the best, as it seems the game would not do well if it were to take itself too seriously. You play a man who has fallen asleep and knocked over his beer, your aim is to wake yourself up until you can save that beer. There are no great calamities to divert, nor any maniacal villains to dispose of, just a beer to catch.

In order to off yourself repeatedly you will have to go through twenty five different dreams and off yourself while in them in order to eventually wake up. These dreams take the form of puzzles, whether simply to turn on a switch or to get a machine to crush you, your aim is always the same and each level asks you to find a different way of waking yourself. The puzzles are varied throughout, as are the settings in which you dwell, your basic tool set never changes though, you can pick up items, use them and jump. The simple move set is a blessing and as the levels progress you need to figure out ways in which the items you pick up can be used or where they can be moved to.

Protect the beer, the classic motivation

The game does well in certain puzzles, especially well in its Easter egg levels, whether a book or a game, these are the most interesting by far. That is not to say that the puzzles set in the real world aren't interesting, they are usually the ones in which your logic will see you through rather than just trying things until something succeeds. The logic in the game sometimes disappears in the face of the answer it wants you to find however, as such even if you have figured out something that would finish you off, if it isn't the same way the game wants you to, then it doesn't count. Sure this is true of many puzzle games, but variety in your solutions makes puzzlers so much more interesting, the ability to talk to friends about the different way you've solved a problem is part of what makes puzzle games great, it is also something this game lacks.

The platforming puzzles are by far the weakest element of this game, the character feels clunky and slow, and while you can climb up if you miss a ledge, the times when you are hopping from pillar to pillar can become incredibly irksome due to the poor performance of your character. It just feels as though the platforming would have been better left out when you go to jump on something and instead of climbing up you end up moving the box. This is without mentioning items clipping through each other, or not keeping up with you when you are holding them, which leads to the game feeling incredibly sloppy.

Reminds you of a yellow family right?

Suicide Guy is a mercifully short experience that has some incredibly interesting ideas but fails to keep the high points going and as a result leaves you feeling deflated. The puzzles themselves can be fun, but the times when the game doesn't act as it should are infuriating and the bugs are even more so. When combined with the unpleasant platforming sections you get a game that has some genuinely great moments, but ones that are overshadowed by some dodgy physics.


While it has genuinely great moments, Suicide Guy has a few too many bugs as well as being incredibly short. The physics themselves don't always work as they are supposed to, a definite issue in a physics puzzle game. Not a bad game, but not a good one either despite its high points.


out of 10

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