Star Wars Pinball

Zen Studios have made a name for themselves with their various pinball games across a range of platforms, so pairing their table expertise with the Star Wars licence was always going to be a winning combination. Star Wars Pinball is as good as any of their previous pinball games to date making good use of the licence whilst ensuring a solid variety of tables that will challenge even the most adept baller.

While Star Wars Pinball isn’t by any means new – it originally debuted on the Wii U with just three tables. Since then the table roster has increased to a much more impressive 19 options thanks to the DLC releases that have covered everything from the original saga through to the most recent animated series. The Switch release features all 19 tables alongside a story campaign that develops across the Star Wars generations.

The tables cover every iteration of Star Wars right up to The Last Jedi with tables for all of the classic films, the prequels and sequels to date alongside Solo, Rogue One, The Clone Wars and Star Wars rebels. Accompanying the graphical representations of characters from each of the films and stories are voiceovers which range from perfect to so-bad-they’re-good in terms of their capturing of the original portrayals. As you progress through the tables additional animations can take place as a story unfolds as you play.

Good use is made of the Switch’s versatility with the the ability to play both in horizontal and vertical orientations. The former replicates the feel of real-life pinball while the latter gives you a much better view of the table and you’ll need to adjust your playing style depending on the mode you play in. You can switch between them at and time by pressing the – button.

The two table views offer a more realistic viewpoint alongside one that shows the full table top down aiding visibility.

As pinball goes, this is as good as it gets, at least away from the tangible feedback you get on a real table. Zen have perfected their game with accurate ball physics and enough variety to ensure that the game doesn’t get tired and there’s always a challenge to be had. The tables offer plenty of graphical flourish although if there is one criticism its that some of them can be a little too fussy in the sheer amount of decoration; which at times can make it hard to keep track of the ball – the Jakku inspired table is the perfect case in point. Others feel a little sparse – the Lando table feels a little bit clinical but at the same time this allows for much better visibility of action for the players.

Star Wars Pinball is as good as Pinball gets and for Switch owners hankering for that flipper action it’s by far your best option.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

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