Sky Force Reloaded Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Also available on PC, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One

Sky Force Reloaded is a fantastic distillation of years of gaming into the shoot 'em up genre with all of the benefits of the lessons learned since its inception. A fast paced hard as nails arcade game which will keep you coming back for more assuming you can tear yourself away in the first place. More often than not you will sit down for one quick blast through of a level and find yourself still sat down several hours later trying to hit the last completion medal or getting the last few stars needed for the next power up.

The gameplay is incredibly tight and responsive which is a necessity in this kind of game. The levels are comprised of classic shoot 'em up action, you manoeuvre your ship through the onslaught of enemy vehicles and projectiles to grab the pick ups they drop and avoid being blasted to pieces. Everything feels fantastic, with the controls being incredibly responsive and the ships being highly agile. Perhaps most impressive is the two player co op mode, due to the pick up and play nature of the genre you can grab a friend to help you power through the levels, the new ship will be a clone of your one will both be powerful if you are at that point in the game.

Between missions you get to upgrade your ship using the stars that each enemy drops upon dying. The upgrades are either offensive or defensive and are split across different bits of technology for your ship. Upgrading your offensive capabilities is a necessity as each level presents enemies with increasingly resilient vehicles. As well as the passive upgrades you get activated abilities to blast through waves of enemies or protect you from the bullet hell that can occur. Along with all of this are the multiple difficulties to unlock, the variety of ships and even technicians to help give you something to work towards. The amount of things to unlock in this game is great.

Graphically the game is very easy on the eyes, the bullet effects are wonderful and the game runs incredibly smoothly. Each ship is distinct and so are the enemies and even in handheld mode it can handle an incredible amount of action at any given time without any issues. Even in the most hectic moments all of the elements remain distinct and the colours are vibrant which means it looks great on some of the later levels.

One of the greatest assets of Sky Force Reloaded ties in perfectly with the nature of the Switch itself. As a pick up and play title it couldn't be more at home on the handheld hybrid. The ability to jump in with a friend for a single level of fast paced play is perfect on the go and is perfectly complimented by the games ability to make you lose all sense of time. Ultimately the game is a wonderful addition to the Switch and will be no brainier for any fans of the genre as well as anyone who just wants something new to play that doesn't ask for anything other than your attention while you are playing it.


A brilliant shoot 'em up that harks back to the good old days of video games but with a refreshing modern update. You can jump in for one run and leave five hours later because the game play is so enjoyable.


out of 10


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