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Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Also available on Nintendo Switch

Run The Fan is a fun, slick and unforgiving puzzle game that has been devoutly made to be played on the Switch. The premise is simple, roll a metal ball around the game board to complete a sequence of connections to get a single charge of electricity to… well, Run The Fan. The boards get increasingly more challenging and the game can be played using the analog sticks or using the accelerometer to tilt the game board, controlling where the ball goes. Brought to you by Silesia Games a Polish game developing company who are known for their mobile games like FinalStrike3D, Final Space, and Birds of War. They focus solely on making games for mobile devices and the Nintendo Switch. Immediately you tell that this game was created to be played on the Switch in handheld mode. It’s quite refreshing to play a game that was expertly crafted with only the Switch in mind and that utilizes the accelerometer which is largely overlooked.

Starting the game, you are thrust into the world of Run The Fan, with its catchy techno computer music, slick visuals and a feeling that you just shrunk down to the size to fit into your computer. Before the first level, a short three page how to play screen comes up explaining the rather simple controls and objective of the game. Using the analog sticks (supports a Pro Controller, or single Joy-Con) you rotate the circuit board to move around the metal ball while avoiding obstacles. Rolling the metal ball in-between two electrical nodes to complete the connection for an electrical charge to jump to the next node. Then if you press and hold the ZL and ZR buttons the metal ball will latch on to that in-between space which causes that area to glow red and the electrical charge to speed up. Continuing to complete the connections in the right sequence gets that charge to reach and power on the fan completing the level. It wasn’t immediately obvious that you can control the board using the accelerometer, but if you press the pause button during a level you can switch on the accelerometer. Here you can also change the sensitivity of the controls to suit your preferences. Be warned the accelerometer controls ups the difficulty quite a lot but comes with an added satisfaction of completing the level.

Currently, the game is comprised of three stages each with 18 levels in each that get more difficult as you progress. In the first stages the game board is entirely enclosed making it impossible to roll off to your doom, but the further into the game the fewer walls there are to protect you. It becomes most challenging when you start having to deal with multiple charges that each has to make it to a different fan. Even later, charges that appear to be a single charge will split into multiple and suddenly you must deal with 4+ charges which can get quite disorienting. If at any point a charge makes it to a node and the metal ball isn’t there to complete the connection the level ends abruptly, or if you happen to roll right off the board entirely. If you ever happen to get stuck in a loop and can’t seem to get the charge where it needs to go, then you also failed. Trial and error is often the tactic needed to be employed to slowly learn the right path to victory. You can restart the level as quickly as you failed and rinse and repeat until the job is done. Remember if you want an added challenge you can always turn on the accelerometer controls to play through the whole game again.

Run The Fan is an enjoyable puzzle game that keeps the surprises coming with the increasing difficulty as you progress. Each time you play this game you can tell that it was made solely for the Switch, and if you feel the accelerometer feature is undervalued than try this game out. It’s not apparent if more levels will be added but with over 50 boards to play through it’s a decent amount of game for a small price tag for £3.49.


Run The Fan is a challenging and fun pick up and play puzzle game that is more about planning your next move than anything else. If you like puzzle games that test your wit and ability to execute difficult maneuvers under pressure, then this is a great game for you.


out of 10

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