Praetorians HD (PS4) Review

Reviewed on Sony PlayStation 4

Also available on Microsoft Xbox One and PC
Praetorians HD (PS4) Review

Released as a two-pack with Commandos 2 HD, Praetorians HD brings another classic PC strategy game to the modern era and, I am pleased to say, does so with a great deal of success.

The controls are detailed but they are focused, most of the core controls are limited to a few buttons on your controller which greatly simplifies the play. The tutorials were patient and comprehensive, easing me into play before expecting me to master every intricate move in the heat of the moment, like Commandos 2 HD. Everything about this game just feels far more user friendly, especially for console players who may still be inexperienced with this style of game.

The game itself is still very good. Being a remaster of a very old game, obviously, there are going to be things missing from this game that modern fans take for granted, the combat is less nuanced and tactical and the management element is severely stripped down compared to games such as the Total War series, but if you have a soft spot for the early days of the genre then you will get a lot of enjoyment out of the simpler charms of Praetorians HD.

I enjoyed my time with Praetorians HD, although it does not offer the sort of depth and immersion that more current titles in the genre boast, limiting its replay value a great deal. As part of a budget pack with Commandos 2 HD, this is definitely the more tempting offer of the two.


Praetorians HD may not be as advanced or detailed as games that have come since but it is an incredibly effective throwback and one I greatly enjoyed.


out of 10

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