Overwatch: Legendary Edition Switch Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Also available on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC
Overwatch: Legendary Edition Switch Review

Following in the footsteps of a brilliant port of The Witcher 3, the Nintendo Switch has been blessed with a port of the ever-popular hero shooter, Overwatch. I played this very colourful shooter to death when it released on PlayStation 4 but got bored quite quickly due to its diminutive pool of modes and characters.

For people reading who have never played Overwatch, it's an objective-based shooter that uses a massive amount of characters to fill out its teams. Each of these characters has different abilities and you must capture objectives to win. Teams are made up of tanks, support and attacking characters and the key to winning is working together and knowing how to use each character effectively.

Overwatch looks very good on the Switch's small screen.

As with most ports of older triple-A titles on the Switch, you all want to know how it looks and runs on Nintendo's popular portable console hybrid. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this version of Overwatch has been amazingly ported over, it looks great, plays exceptionally and does take advantage of some of the Nintendo Switch's unique features.

I do think that that the art style of Overwatch is perfect for the Nintendo Switch. It's that chunky cartoony style that does not lose an extensive amount of detail when you reduce the resolution. I found the graphical presentation to be very good, very clear and extremely pleasant. Especially when you consider its portable and can be played on the go, I was very impressed.

Overwatch runs very smoothly and is a lot more playable than I thought it would be, even with the portable consoles small controls.

Its the same story with the framerate, I have played a lot of matches and had a flawless experience. I noticed zero frame drops, zero bugs or glitches whatsoever. If I had to nit-pick a little then at the start of some rounds it takes a second or two for your character's model to load in but its a moot point really and I am really clutching at straws to find something negative to say. The performance is amazing and extremely playable, I was pleasantly surprized how much I liked this version of the game.

On to the Overwatch package then, one of the great things that come included in the package is a 3 month Nintendo Online membership. I think this is a fabulous idea with an online-only game like this and it definitely makes sense to soften the blow a little of paying to play online. Especially when Nintendo has not been charging for online play for very long and this nice gesture will eventually lead to more people paying for the service to carry on playing the game.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

One of the reasons I stopped playing Overwatch was the lack of modes and features. I got bored playing the same maps and doing the same things over and over. Overwatch has changed a great deal since then and the experience you get now is by far a better one than when I played it originally. There is a plethora of new characters, modes, maps and ways to earn new rewards.

Some of the heroes have even been tweaked since I played the first time. I noticed some of the characters I had used previously had slightly different abilities and have been rebalanced over years of updates and patches. There are a lot of new characters and it will be a lot of fun trying them all out, getting proficient with them and trying to rack up those wins. All the characters are so vastly different from each other and I think that is why Overwatch is so popular.

There are a lot more characters than when I last played when Overwatch launched on PlayStation 4.

Mode-wise, there is quick play, which gets you into a match as quick as you can and is the meat and potatoes of Overwatch. Then there is the arcade mode, which was absent when I first played. It has a collection of smaller more abstract ways of playing Overwatch, some of which swap on a weekly basis. You also have competitive, which was just taking off when I stopped playing on PS4. Unfortunately, this mode is not live on Nintendo Switch yet, therefore I cannot comment on it at the moment.

There are a lot more ways to play Overwatch now, a lot more ways to unlock the loot boxes and get your favourite characters skins. I was constantly unlocking things the whole time I was playing and have a lot more content to play through than when I played it previously. There is a Halloween event on at the moment and that comes with its own set of unlockables.

Yep, still got it!

The thing that really stuck out for me about this port was how well it played. Even though I was playing on the Switch Lite, I found the controls very tight, very responsive and it was a lot of fun. I even enjoyed the gyro controls which made minute aim adjustments very easy, especially at long distance. I really enjoyed squeezing a few matches in here and there, it's a perfect game for short bursts of fun and fits the Switch's portability excellently.


Overwatch is another great port for the Nintendo Switch, it runs great, looks great and is a lot of fun to boot. There is a lot more content to experience than when the game first launched and more to keep you invested. I really enjoy playing this game on the Switch and its perfect for short bursts of fun in handheld mode.



out of 10

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