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New Super Lucky's Tale for the Nintendo Switch, by developers Playful Studios, is a remade and expanded version of 2017's Super Lucky's Tale for the PC and Xbox One. While this remake added some revamped level designs and much needed camera control, let's investigate further if this was a true improvement all around for our fun-loving fox hero, Lucky.

New Super Lucky's Tale features six different main hubs, each featuring their own unique designs, themes, and game-mechanic quirks. Game play itself is quite standard for the genre I would say. I quickly became acclimated to running, jumping, diving underground, and slapping baddies like crazy with my tail. Any puzzles required to advance in the levels are quite simple so as not to discourage younger gamers I assume, and most are only required if you are trying to be a completionist. Speaking of being a completionist, each level has the chance to earn four different pages for the Book of Ages. Pages are awarded for completing the level itself, finding the hidden page in each level, collecting all the letters to spell out LUCKY, and gathering a certain number of coins.

In addition to the level-based pages to be found, pages can also be found by completing bonus puzzle stages spread about each of the main hub locations. Apart from being an important component of the storyline itself, the purpose for collecting pages is to unlock boss doors so that further worlds can be reached.

Level variety in New Super Lucky's Tale is pleasantly diverse. While Lucky's abilities are the same throughout the game, levels themselves can range from Super Mario 64 style 3D game play, to side-scrolling platforming, to even endless-runner styled levels in which snap reactions are key to get all collectibles.

Sadly, not everything I have to say about New Super Lucky's Tale is positive. The glaring downside in my opinion comes down to loading screens. Not only do the loading screens take an exceptionally long time, they also seem unnecessarily frequent. I understand that loading times are necessary, but having to wait for loading screens multiple times per level or even multiple times per short side puzzle, seems a bit excessive. I only hope that this is merely an optimization issue that the developers will be able to patch at some point. Otherwise, patience is key to get you through the down times to help enjoy the actual game play.


New Super Lucky's Tale is a delight to play, and I strongly encourage young and old alike to give it a try. Just make sure you are patient with loading screens...


out of 10
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