My Hero One's Justice Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Also available on Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One

My Hero Academia is one of the biggest anime around at the moment, it manages to take many of the tropes of its genre and turn them into endearing and heart-warming moments. The fight scenes are over-the-top and all out battles between super-powered beings who can trash cities just by flicking a finger, it was only a matter of time until we saw this turned into a game.

My Hero One’s Justice is the inevitable arena battler game that has taken this All Might-y task on. Set just after the events of the sports festival, the story mode has you playing through the events of the anime as they unfold, switching from character to character and making sure things go the right way.

In case you need more single player goodness then there is also a mission mode. Here you take on various challenges and can even take part in a score attack that lets you see how you compare to other heroes and villains around the world. Some of these missions have branching paths and allow you to take a team of three in then decide who you want to main in each battle. There is a lot of single player content here, great news for fans of the series and the characters themselves.

The combat itself is a lot of fun; not the deepest system by any means, but it looks great and playing against others is immensely entertaining. Your basic attacks have a rock-paper-scissors balance, with basic attacks, charged attacks, and unblockable attacks all being better against one, then one against the other. This on its own leads to a surprisingly decent battle each time round, with reading your opponent being simple due to the colour coded attacks, it is all about how you decide to handle the threat.

Of course, the quirk of these battles are the Quirks of the fighters themselves. Each fighter has access to their own special moves, and ultimate moves, each of them playing out differently. It means that while the controls are the same for ever character, your preferences will come down to how you want to take apart your opponent. Some of the characters are much more technical, while others simply aim to keep hitting the other fighter harder and harder until they’ve won.

You even get to choose some support characters in order to summon them in during the fights. These act as any support characters normally would, appearing when you activate them to unleash their signature attacks and help you stay in control. In the event things get really heated you can always go Plus Ultra and unleash a three-character ultimate attack that is sure to leave the opposition reeling.

The battles themselves make great use of the space in which they are set. If there are walls they can be run along, some things can be destroyed, some attacks will even plant a fighter head first into the floor or ceiling. It gives every battle the kind of anime feel that is too often missing from these kinds of game. It really does feel as though this does the source material justice.

The visual style is what you would expect, a strong anime aesthetic meshed with manga sound effect bubbles and beautiful animations to bring each character to life. The sound is just as good, with the Japanese voice acting being perfect and helping make the game feel like a true addition to the media you can consume around My Hero.

You can even play dress-up with the characters. You unlock a wide array of different costume bits as you play through the game and you can use these to make the heroes look however you want. While this doesn’t impact the gameplay it is always nice to have a play around with if you want your team to look your own.

This then is a fighting game worthy of the Plus Ultra motto of UA, one that truly brings the fights to life and puts you in control. The core roster has some great choices as it stands and hopefully gets more fleshed out as time goes on. The game runs brilliantly on the Switch outside of some sluggish loading times, though better that than jumpy gameplay. My Hero One’s Justice is one of the best anime games we’ve had in this style and is a must have for anyone who wants to go Plus Ultra.


My Hero One's Justice is packed with things to do and looks good while doing them. The battles themselves are fun and frenetic with the characters playing well against each other. This is probably the best arena battle game to date from any anime. Plus Ultra.


out of 10


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