Moving Out

Moving house is possibly one of my least favourite things to do, I have moved far too many times in the past few years, so the prospect of an entire game surrounding this laborious task, at first, didn’t sound thrilling. However, Moving Out has managed to take one of my least favourite tasks and transform it into an extremely entertaining video game. 

Moving Out is an hilarious physics-based game, essentially doing what it says on the tin. You are part of a moving company, helping various households move pieces of furniture and other items. The game is played over short levels spread out over a very Sims-like map. You are given a time limit to move a certain amount of items into the moving van, scoring either gold, silver or bronze depending on how quickly you manage to do the job.

The style of the game stood out to me from the start, the initial character selection was super fun and really inclusive with its range of various customization options. The aesthetic is wonderfully colourful and stylised fitting with the lighthearted tone of the game, and on top of this, the characters are really engaging. 

I did love the element of character customisation at the beginning and it really got me invested in the game. I also really enjoyed the 80’s VHS style tutorial, it was so much fun and very short, which I appreciated. It really set the humourous tone for the rest of this game, whilst explaining the rather simple mechanics very well. 

The gameplay itself is so chaotic but brilliant, the physic’s based mechanics makes the simplest tasks infuriatingly amusing and the timed element of each level really adds a different element to Moving Out. I do think without the timed nature of each level, the game wouldn’t be as engaging, especially because you can fail the level, ramping up the tension, but also because it encourages replaying the levels to beat your best time. 

Because this is a physics-based game, I was absolutely dire at it, to begin with. You do get used to it eventually but even when I was adjusting to it, I was still having a blast as it looked so ridiculous having my character flail around, dropping sofas everywhere. Even the small part of the game where you are driving the van is so much fun, it felt very akin to Simpsons Hit & Run, but even more uncontrollable. 

At first, I was getting concerned that the levels were going to be a bit monotonous as there wasn’t that much variation. However, as the game progressed more inventive levels appeared like farms and office buildings all with different ways of ‘moving out’ which was welcome after the first few levels which were just houses. However, even the houses had a lot of character to them, one house was strewn with pizza slices with a masked turtle running around, which was absolutely bonkers. This immediately made me realise this wasn’t going to be a boring game at all. 

In addition to the bonkers levels, as you progress the types of items ramp up and there are new obstacles. The houses get more complicated with some fun enemies that are both very annoying but also very fun to slap away and yes, I did said slap. This makes the game a lot more engaging and overall saves it from becoming monotonous.

Overall, Moving Out is a very fun game that is easy to dip in and out of, it has great replayability with options to beat your high scores. It made me laugh out loud numerous times because of the mechanics, but also the witty tone that runs throughout. Whilst Moving Out isn’t anything ground-breaking, it is a whole lot of fun for some light relief and a good laugh. 


Updated: Apr 23, 2020

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