Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity Review

Reviewed on PC

Also available on Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox
Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity Review

Beginning your adventure in Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity seems quite straightforward, and seems to fall in line with just about every other little indie game that comes out. However, proceed just a few minutes in, and you’ll be greeted with an exciting, challenging, and beautiful game that makes you just smile as you race through asteroids on a marvelous quest home. There is little I can say about the feeling of excitement and exhilaration that comes over you as you speed through the levels with gorgeous visuals, entertaining and excellent dialog, and controls that challenge you in all the right ways.

The story opens in with Harrison, a solitary maintenance worker simply doing his job as he travels the galaxy in his ship. Then things take a turn for the worst, with his ship being destroyed and Harrison far, far away from home. With little hope and no other choice, Harrison simply sets off in his suit and hopes for the best. Unbenounced to Harrison, his A.I. companion Atley is silently watching from afar trying to understand what drives our protagonist to go against all mathematical odds. As fate would have it, shortly into the game Atley saves Harrison from certain death, and their journey together begins.

Now that disaster has struck, Harrison realizes he’s never really lived life to its fullest; having daring experiences and adventures that shape and fulfill people’s lives. So in this quest home, Harrison is determined to have as much of an adventure as he can. Zipping past planets, boosting through gas giants, being flung by pulsars, and taking wormholes are just the start to daring and insane stunts Harrison pulls. By his side, curious and inquisitive, Atley listens to Harrison recount tales of childhood memories he misses. Harrison talks about the little things in life he’d taken for granted like a good meal, a trusted and close friend, and family relationships. As he flies, the only thing keeping the pair going is Harrison’s drive to hold on and take charge for a change.

With beautiful scenery, fun mechanics, and a compelling story, the original story is a fun few hours that make for a wonderful game. But when you’re done with that, the epilogue awaits with even more gameplay and new challenges. Mines, Lasers, Turrets, and many more interesting challenges await to make you struggle in new and creative ways. Mixed with comical space pirates and corporate sarcasm, the epilogue provides just as much entertainment as the original story with more in depth cut-scenes and characters, new environments that are wonderful to blast through.

If that seems like it is not quite enough for you still, you can strive for the best times and Platinum ranks on all levels with handy time-trials and tough ranking systems on all levels. You’ll quickly find yourself slamming into asteroids and really getting to know the quippy comments Atley makes when you meet an unexpected end.

All in all, Lost Orbit: Terminal Velocity is an excellent and fun game available to everyone. The challenge is not overbearing, and the settings make it worth the extra time spent in every level due to difficulty. The acting is cheesy, sure, but that’s part of the fun. At the end of the day, you have a wonderful game that has real heart and soul put into it, bringing a unique brand of fun to add to the world.


Genuinely fun and cute, with a story line and visuals that will keep you enthralled as you play the short campaign.


out of 10

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