Let's Sing 2019 Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Also available on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii-U, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One

Karaoke is the time-honoured art of getting in front of your friends and family, then proceeding to butcher a song while believing you are paying it homage. While it used to be reserved for niche bars or specific nights of the week in a pub; these days you can sing your heart out at your own leisure thanks to the wonders of technology.

Let’s Sing 2019 is the latest game to capitalise on all of this and is out now to release you from your nerves and help turn you into the superstar you were born to be… or something. That’s right, it is once again time to sing-along to the music videos you love, and either vaguely remember or are watching right now, depending on your music taste.

With one of the strangest collections of songs ever put together, Let’s Sing 2019 is wide rather than deep when it comes to its music selection. You have artists like Queen, No Doubt, Bruno Mars, and DNCE all together in one rather strange package. While initially your job is to play through these in the classic mode, you can also put together your own mixtapes to sing along to, sing along with a featured artist, or even just listen to the songs in the jukebox mode.

The gameplay is what you would expect, you sing along to tracks and get a higher score the better you do. You can do this with up to four people, or just play on your own, singing to the cats and your month-old baby. The music videos play behind the words which is a nice touch, one that leaves you sort of wanting to just watch the videos. The good news is that you can just watch the videos if you want, at least once you’ve sung along to them once.

You get experience the more your sing which unlocks new singing avatars and a couple of other goodies. It is a nice little inclusion for a game that doesn’t really need it but is certainly not made worse because of it.

The most important thing is the controller options, while you can use a USB microphone if you have one, you can also use a headset to sing along for that Britney Spears feeling. Better yet, you can use your smartphone; you and everyone who wants to play will nearly always have a controller as a result. It is this kind of accessibility that makes these games viable or not, after all, gone are the days of spending hundreds on expensive peripherals for a game that may not be around in a few years.

Let’s Sing 2019 isn’t doing anything especially revolutionary, but it has some good songs, it is fun to play, and it is easy to play thanks to smartphone integration. Your enjoyment of the game will be based entirely on how much you enjoy singing, but additions like global leader-board are sure to sweeten the deal for those who do love to stretch their vocal chords.


Let's Sing 2019 is sure to keep fans of singing with friends happy. It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it doesn't really need to. The jukebox function is a nice touch, as is the smartphone integration.


out of 10

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