Immortal Redneck Review Review

Reviewed on Nintendo Switch

Also available on PC, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One

Rogue style games are still very much in style, they have been for some time of course with games like Rogue Legacy, Spelunky and The Binding of Isaac being very well received and offering a nigh on infinite lifespan due to the randomly generated nature they offer. Normally these games are done in a 2D art style, with both side on and top down view points being the bread and butter in this particular genre. Immortal Redneck very much stands out as a 3D First Person Shooter with rogue-lite elements, both in terms of gameplay and in it's general approach to telling a story using them.

Lasers, because shooter, not because Egypt

Well, story is a word for what happens anyway. You play a guy driving through Egypt while on a holiday when you unfortunately launch yourself into a big ol' pit containing some ruins. It is here that you are mummified and resurrected by some Egyptian gods and it is here that the story starts. Not much of a story really and the most you will get in the way of character development is the occasional swear word and some occasionally funny one liners.

Thankfully the story isn't exactly the focus here, it is in fact the gameplay, which feels like something from days gone by like Serious Sam or Doom. You have your basic jump, you can sprint and you can shoot. You can also choose to start under the protection of different gods, which gives you a different special ability and different starting weapons. The Immortal Redneck starter, which is your default, gives you a shotgun, a pistol and some dynamite, it also gives you an ability which lets you shoot faster for a small time. There is a stealth god, a hungry god and a god of storms too, all of whom receive random bonuses while selecting them which encourages you to switch between them each time you restart. Naturally with this being a rogue-lite you will be restarting a lot, although death has it's advantages, you can spend all of the gold you picked up upgrading your literal skill tree as well as buying things from the shop.

Boss like an Egyptian

The controls themselves are well done and feel quite responsive, in terms of aiming you'll rarely be looking down a scope and the game compensates by giving a degree of auto-aim which helps to make it feel more satisfying. You can also adjust your aim using the Switch's motion controls in a similar way to how aiming a bow worked in Breath of the Wild. The game plays quickly and the sprint speed ensures that even if you have to back track it won't take long, which, combined with the jumping and the ability to pull yourself up pretty much any ledge means it can be a lot of fun, even in the harder to traverse rooms.

Graphically the game is nice enough to look at but has a small amount of blur to it on the big screen, it looks a lot better in handheld mode due to the smaller screen. The audio is sharp and the character's lines aren't repeated often enough to get on your nerves which is a hard balance to manage for most games. The enemy design is interesting and pulls heavily from traditional Egyptian mythology and a more typical shooter design. The bosses fit this as well with some interesting mechanics for each one that keeps you fighting to best them.

Shoot the things dangling from the ceiling or suffer

All in all the combination of satisfying controls and fun to use weapons is great on it's own, when you add in the rogue-lite nature and gameplay loop you get a fun little shooter that has a lot of character and plenty of reasons to keep playing. While it doesn't do anything revolutionary it does what it does very well and the combination of platforming, shooting and upgrading leaves you feeling satisfied and compelled to play just one more time. Immortal Redneck is a great game that keeps you locked in for a slightly old school feeling FPS with a weird sense of humour and some truly great ideas.


An FPS on a system which doesn't have many was always going to get some attention. Immortal Redneck is an enjoyable rogue-lite that has an array of power-ups and weapons that keep the gameplay loop entertaining, and very much embodies then 'one more go' mentality that will keep you playing.


out of 10


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