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Sudoku is no longer literally everywhere, but that doesn't stop it from being a challenging style of puzzle that helps to keep you sharp, and also keep you frustrated. When you take the mathematical stylings of Sudoku, add in a chilled out visual and audio style, then shake it for a bit you end up with Hexologic.

Your aim is simple, you need to make sure the pips in each hexagon total the amount that is asked of you by the lining of each puzzle. Each row has it's own requirements that you can meet using either one, two, or three as an entry. While initially the puzzles are incredibly easy, as you go on more factors get added in. There may well be a hexagon with a set number inside of it, or there might be ones that are linked, meaning you have to take several rows into account when choosing the number to settle on.

The difficulty curve is a little odd, it may well differ depending on how you go about solving each problem, but it felt like the last puzzles actually got easier instead of harder, while it didn't ruin the experience by any stretch, it was incredibly unusual.

The whole collection of puzzles will last around two hours, of course depending on your own ability to solve them, it could be more or less, but it will probably fall around this kind of time. This includes the special puzzles unlocked at the end of each section that are designed to be the ultimate challenge of that parts mechanics.

It would have been nice to get a few more mechanics in there as your progressed, while the ones that popped up did make the game more interesting, it was an unfortunately short game. That being said Hexologic is an incredibly relaxed and entertaining puzzle game that will serve as a nice use of your time for a couple of hours, it would have been nice to get more time and some more difficult puzzles, but even without this it is a solid game.


A short but enjoyable puzzle game that adds in new logic regularly in order to keep the challenge different as your progress. The visual style and the sound are both incredibly relaxing and both help to keep the experience engaging throughout.


out of 10
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