Good Goliath Review

Reviewed on Sony PSVR

Also available on PC
Good Goliath Review

Have you ever wanted to throw a shark at a pirate? Ever wanted to use a human as cannon ammunition? Ever wanted to loom large over waves of small killable fodder? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Good Goliath is the virtual reality title for you. Is it any good though? Read on to find out.

As the title suggests you play a captured giant who must fight his way out of the clutches of an evil realm. Using anything you can get your overly large hands-on, you must throw and hurl your way to your escape. That is literally what makes up my fun, but short playthrough of Good Goliath.

Yep, you can throw your enemies at your enemies. You can also punch them in the face while holding them, which I found hilarious.

Each level is a set of wave-based combat arenas, with the odd boss fight thrown in for good measure. Don't get me wrong, what the developers have done with one simple mechanic is novel and entertaining but there's not much more to the game than that. Throwing objects makes up the whole game and it is not a long one either, I played for only a few hours in the 2 sessions I had to get to the conclusion of the game.

What I did like about Good Goliath is its combo system and how you can throw just about anything at your attackers. Some enemies require several hits, some enemies throw stuff back at you to use as ammunition and that is the key to success in this game. Hit certain enemies and they will give you more powerful things to throwback, helping you clear enemies quicker and kill more at once to bump up your combo multiplier.

Hurl the shark, do do do do do do, hurl the shark, do do do do do do, hurl the shark, do do do do do do, hurl the shark!

Whether it be explosives, cannons, sharks or cannonballs, each wave of oncoming attackers plays out a bit like a puzzle game. You can just throw the basic projectiles at the enemies, but to get the good scores you must use the basic ammo to retrieve powerful items from your foes and destroy them more efficiently. Its a fun and rewarding gameplay loop, if a simple one.

There are hidden treasure chests in each stage which unlock different styles of giant hands to use, I did find a few and due to the stages being quite static, I do not see them being too tricky to find. I did really appreciate the destructible environments, it made the arenas and stages feel more alive and increased the immersion. I do like a bit of virtual carnage and destruction.

I did like the way the bosses were designed, they were fun to fight.

Graphically, Good Goliath is exceptional. Everything from the huge bosses to the enemies and weapons are all rendered extremely well. Everything is crisp, bright and detailed and even when you hold the enemies close to your face with your giant hands, they all look superb. I was really impressed with the cartoon-style graphics and the environmental design.

The sound design is also very immersive, the cannons crack and the explosives boom through your headset loudly. It all adds to the immersion of Good Goliath and I really enjoyed all the presentation aspects, the graphics, the sound and even the UI. In fact, the whole game is very uncomplicatedly designed and I admire that.

At times, Good Goliath is wheelie good.

I did have a few issues in my two sessions with the game though, I had a few times where my move controller lost tracking and I had to disconnect and reconnect them and I also had one software crash while playing the first level. Hopefully, this stuff can be ironed out in a future patch. It did not have too much of a bearing on my overall enjoyment though, I did have fun playing the game on the whole.


Good Goliath is short and fun but maybe a bit of a one trick pony. I did enjoy the combo system and the slight puzzle style to the oncoming enemy waves. Its graphics, environments and immersion are all top notch and as long as you do not mind just throwing stuff for a few hours and a few small issues, do not hesitate to give it a try, I enjoyed my short time with it.


out of 10

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