Gods: Remastered

The Bitmap Brothers classic gets a modern lick of paint

There’s a tendency these days to remaster old games and quite frankly it’s getting a bit tiresome. Like Disney are doing with their animated output and turning it into live action (yawn), the gaming industry are running out of ideas and fast. You can imagine the creative hubs of the world having meetings and thinking between a new IP and remaking/re-mastering a known quantity and knocking out a product which is essentially a re-skinned game and get the product on the shelf quick. It will nearly always be a remaster. From Spyro to Crash Bandicoot to Resident Evil, everything and I mean everything, is getting redone.

Recently released from the depths of hell, or the Amiga era, comes Gods, a game remembered from playing it around your friend’s house on a winter’s night and its awesome, addictive soundtrack. Playing games like this you essentially are hit first and foremost with a sense of nostalgia, you remember where each enemy comes from, where each jewel or shop keeper stop is. There’s a feeling of muscle memory something akin to a task you do every day without thinking. But this muscle memory spans decades way back to the game’s first creation.

There is a fantastic option in the game where if you click one of the centre sticks, you can instantly transport yourself back to the original game, graphics and all but there is something missing and something missing which gamers instantly remember from days gone by. In the new polished version of the game there is a soundtrack to keep you entertained but press that stick to transport yourself back to the game of old and….no music. Whether it’s a rights issue or just laziness from the creative team it’s a disappointing omission.

The newly-remastered game though is fantastic in all other areas. It’s essentially a re-skin of the existing game, and there’s nothing really ‘new’ to the title other than the spit and polish of better graphics. The feel of the game has crossed from one generation of console to another and the brain bending puzzles are still hard, if not harder than they were 20 years ago. With all remastered old school games though, the replay ability may be high alongside the nostalgia but the amount of time you invest in playing the game may be low just due to the amount of high end modern games that are out there gathering dust on your shelf. A great game for a great time but one which you’ll only play in short bursts.

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Updated: Jan 02, 2019

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