Ghost Giant

From it’s cute inhabitants to its picture book environments, Ghost Giant is a joy to be part of.

As soon as the reveal trailer dropped for Ghost Giant I knew it was something I needed to play. The cute graphics, the interesting premise of being a ghost and a lot of VR world interaction looked magnificent. VR is at it’s best when you are interacting within 3D worlds, using the move controllers within a space to interact with objects and characters is where PSVR shines. I certainly cannot wait to get stuck in, let’s do it!

You play the Ghost Giant, your task is to help a little lost soul called Louis. Louis is having a tough time of it at the minute and it’s your task to help him get out of his rut. I will not spoil too much of the story but it’s very emotional and very well written and acted out. A video games story is not something I normally find too important, but what’s here is well done and very poignant.

The VR implementation, while being basic is very well done. I had minimal issues throughout, I tried playing in both standing and sitting positions and both were comfortable. I only had an issue throwing basketballs but I did overcome that by changing my technique. You use your hands to manipulate the world and help Louis about his numerous tasks. Each hand is controlled by a Move controller and you can pull, push, move and throw things within the games various environments.

Ghost Giant does the world manipulation stuff really well, you move through scenes one by one by completing certain objectives. You can pick up most things and interact with a lot of the environment. You can even manipulate buildings by removing their frontages or using levers to spin them, raise or lower them. It all works very well and really makes the world come alive. Various levers pop out of the scenery to aid you, you must use them to move parts of the environment and reveal new items to aid you with your quest. There are buttons and handles all over the place and sometimes it does feel like you are directing a play by moving the various scenes into place.

There are other things you must interact with to progress, you can use your breath for example. Sometimes you must blow birds away or blow turbines to power a generator. Due to PSVR’s built-in microphone, this works great and was always amusing. Within each stage there are also targets to hit, you can throw an all manner of objects at them and they normally unlock another part of the stage or reward you with an item needed in your many objectives. All the levels were very interactive and entertaining to be part of.

Some of the things you did within these little VR spaces were really well thought out. I don’t want to spoil any of them as they should be experienced first hand and I hope after reading this review people will buy the game and experience it for themselves. I have never felt so involved in a VR games world as I have with Ghost Giant. It is brilliantly done and I could not get enough of it. It’s perhaps a bit on the short side, I got the platinum trophy in 2 sittings and probably played for about 6 hours. Those 6 hours, however, were filled with so much joy and delight.

Scattered throughout the games 13 stages are various collectables. Hats, pinwheels, basketballs and worms must be found. Before leaving each stage it does let you know what you have found, which I liked so you could hang around if you missed something and grab that elusive 100%. None of them were incredibly difficult to find but some did require a bit of searching. They were a fun addition to the game and were not too numerous to become tedious. As I said earlier the basketballs needed to be thrown into a hoop on each stage and some of them were hard due to VR limitations. That was until I started throwing them underarm, then it was fine.

Ghost Giant is a lovely looking game, maybe one of the best looking VR games I have seen. Games can take a hit graphics-wise on PSVR due to the lower resolution of the headset. This game, however, looks glorious. It’s very crisp and bright, very clean looking and a pleasure to be a part of. Everything from the clouds on strings to the papercraft style aesthetic looks like it’s out of a play or storybook. I really enjoyed it a lot, each stage was well rendered, even down to the backgrounds and items in the distance. It did look like I was always within its world, surrounded by scenery and it all looked beautiful.

The sound in Ghost Giant was also very well done. Its characters spoke very nicely and were all believable. The voice acting was very good, especially considering the emotional story that unfolds. The sound effects were all believable and all sounded accurate. The music was fitting and accentuated the moving parts of the story perfectly. The whole sound design of Ghost Giant kept you immersed in the world, it did its job well and I really appreciated it.

As always we have to have a performance section. Apart from some of the throwing mechanics, Ghost Giant worked flawlessly. Turning was performed by pressing circle or cross and everything else was as you expect while playing a PSVR game. I had no crashes, no framerate issues and zero bugs to report. The VR implementation was very good, I never had to adjust anything or got annoyed by VR messiness. There is nothing worse than an annoying VR implementation, it makes the game irksome and makes you not want to play. Luckily this was not the case here.

Seb Hawden

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

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