Get Packed Review

Reviewed on Google Stadia

Get Packed Review

Firstly, I cannot believe I am reviewing a game on Stadia, secondly, how come two games have come out recently that I keep getting confused between. Get Packed seems very similar to Moving Out but hey ho, I am here to review Get Packed. So strap yourself in, back the van up and I will throw in my thoughts on this Stadia exclusive.

As the title cleverly suggests, Get Packed is a game about packing. Sounds riveting, doesn't it? Well, there is a lot more going on the game than just simple packing. Get Packed is a co-op physics time-based game where you are dropped into various locations and must pack the back of a van as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Multitask packing at its finest!

This game heavily reminded me of playing Overcooked with my kids. One minute I was losing my mind laughing my head off, the next I wanted to kill my co-op partner for knocking me out and damaging my goods. It has that co-op goodness you can only get by sitting next to someone and playing a well designed, funny video game. Fun and laughter, isn't that what gaming is about?

It is never that simple though, each stage has hazards and other objects to make your life as a removal worker as difficult as possible. Varying from museum guards to ghosts and from people on forklifts to Black Friday shoppers. Each level is fraught with danger and its a constant act of trying not to break anything. It never works and carnage always ensues.

Look at the state of the place, I tried to take an arcade machine down the lift with very little success.

You control your character's hands independently, a bit like Octodad and it leads to hilarious over the top physics shenanigans. You think you have grabbed a table but as you run out the door you also realise you have grabbed something else with the other hand. Then you get trapped in the door and end up smashing everything and falling over. It's slapstick comedy at its best.

I played most of the game with my daughter and it was hilarious. We spent most of the time getting in each other's way, smashing everything to pieces and laughing hysterically. Sometimes we had a plan and we worked in unison but a lot of the time we played it by ear and that is where the game is at its most enjoyable. There were papers flying everywhere, bits of furniture all over the shop and we were losing money but boy was it a lot of fun.

Yep, its a museum and yep, that T-Rex skeleton is going in the van.

There is nothing better than trying to run across a road with a chest of drawers in each hand, getting belted across the screen by a car and hearing your daughter wetting herself with laughter. There was one occasion where we had hit the 3-star marks for a level and I decided to push a car out of a garage into the road. Big mistake, all the damage from the car collisions got taken off our score and we got fired. It was an amusing but apt lesson to learn.

In each level you are trying to get three stars, this goes on money earned and every item you put in the van earns you cash. However, any damage gets removed off your score and most of the time, it's quite difficult to avoid doing so. Just clipping a door or running into your erratic co-op partner can lose you a chunk of earnings. It was never annoying though and was always amusing flailing around trying to get a bath out of a small door.

3-star packing legend!

As you progress you do get some other things to keep your eye on and make your packing easier. If you grab and item with two hands you can pack it into a smaller box by holding a button. It does take a few seconds but it makes it easier to transport and minimize potential damage. There are also special items to pack within certain timeframes that offer bonuses when put in the van. It's good to concentrate on these to get higher scores.

Along with your normal achievements, there are stickers to unlock, challenges to complete and even another game mode called Destruction. There are characters to unlock and those elusive 3-star ratings to get for each level. There is enough here, especially when you factor in local and online multiplayer, to keep you entertained for the price you pay. In fact, its worth it for the co-op laughs alone.


Get packed is fun, well designed and has something you do not see a lot of these days. It is full of co-op fun and playing with people sitting next to you is amazing. You will laugh, you will cry and you will certainly enjoy yourself. Right, I best get back to the packing.


out of 10

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