Frostpunk: The Last Autumn DLC

Read our review of Frostpunk The Last Autumn DLC by 11 Bit Studios. Return to where it all began, before the harsh and horrid environment took over.

Frostpunk is a harsh world where you are constantly trying to cope with the demand of the people or in this case, just keeping the heating on. Returning this time to its horrid past, the Last Autumn DLC brings a vast amount of additions to get lay your working hands on.

You are the foreman of Site 113. Your grim task is to construct the Generator for the generations. While other sites are trying to do the same, your task remains at the forefront of your mind. Prepare for the worst and keep the people working to get them and their families through their imminent future.

The Last Autumn takes place in the days before the chaos.

The lore of Frostpunk remains deep and while you are constructing your site you are taken into the daily struggles that are surrounding everyone. You listen to your labourers and engineers, deciding what laws you should put in place while trying to keep both parties motivated to continue building the generator.

With the addition of 25 new buildings which include the Dock and Telegraph Station, you can now order new workers and materials from London to keep your project alive. Never before could you send people back to London because of a missing limb, after all, we need able workers to get the fire going. If you are feeling more people-friendly focused, you can buy in prosthetics and keep the employees beavering away.

New buildings including the docks help contribute to your resource and workforce.

With an increased number of workers come an increase in welfare needs and wants. Constructing a labour union building will give them a voice and have them feeling part of the project. Strikes will come when things don’t go their way and it is up to you to decide how you will quell this disturbance. Making working conditions better in the pit will somewhat put a smile on their face, but a special friend at the public house will really improve worker morale.

As harsh is the impending winter, there are other threats to deal with. As you dig deeper into the core of the earth, you will have to deal with the toxic fumes that you expose as your workers fracture the rock from beneath their feet. Keeping your workers safe is imperative to keeping the site going, especially when going up against other sites that are struggling with their own issues.

Discover other sites and what happened to them with a great story.

With an expanded Book of Laws and Technology Tree in the latest update, there is plenty to keep the workforce going. Maybe a hot bath to keep them relaxed before they head to their own on-site pub. If they have a fall into the pit, you have your infirmary and care home to keep them alive but if the unfortunate does happen, a morgue will be the best place to put them. Do you bury your dead on this far away land or repatriate them back to the home soil of London? There are a lot of variables to consider.

The Last Autumn is not an easy expansion. It is designed to test the experienced player and thrust them into a more diverse and difficult environment. It also covers the story of what happened before the frozen veil shrouded the earth. I found it challenging but also really interesting.

Expand your base and watch how you develop the first generator of its time.

Wanting to be kept on your toes, there is a new endless challenge variant to get your hands on. Adding in a workforce of builders it will redefine the challenge by giving you the player a different setup. Finding the right combination will take time, but when it works, it really works and is a lot of fun.

The Last Autumn is the price of all of its past and future DLC that is listed on Steam. However, I feel the cost justifies what is on offer here. Small improvements across the board and the addition of more buildings, technologies and laws will keep you involved with this title and invested in the gameplay.

Dan Phillips

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

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