Read our review of Filament by Beard Envy. A Fantastic puzzle game with hidden mysteries in space.

Space is and always will be a secretive and mysterious place for us. But when seeking out answers, evidence is found in the most unlikely of places. Then out of nowhere, one of those mysteries may start to reveal itself.

In Filament, you are sent to The Alabaster, one of The Filament Corporation’s flagship research vessels. The ship has been left in orbit around a mysterious planet and with no sign of the crew anywhere, you set out to find what has been going on and to uncover its many secrets.

A stunning ship with beautiful detail across the whole of the game.

At the start, you are introduced to Juniper. She is the closest thing to a human presence that is left on the ship and will be in constant contact with you while you investigate this mystery. She was the Navigator on this mission and she possesses the knowledge you will need to further your quest.

Filament is predominately made up of puzzles that are set out as stations across the whole of the ship. In the puzzles, you control a bulb attached to a cable and your task is to navigate your way through and around totems to unlock the door to the next puzzle. In the earlier stages of the game, the puzzles are simplistically set out for you so you can understand the dynamics of the game.

Levels start out simple with white light and few totems.

Each station has five puzzles and to complete, you must take your cable and effectively make contact with each totem of the corresponding coloured light. At the start, you are tasked with using just a white light. As you progress through the puzzles the game will introduce other difficulties into the mix. These include walls, doors, activating certain totems first or making you hit certain totems in certain orders to progress.

Feeling quite addicted at this point, after completing the easier stations that surround you in the spaceship earlier on. You are set free to explore the whole ship at your leisure and take on almost any station you would like. However, caution is needed as the difficulty of station’s increase as you delve deeper into the ship.

Later on, you will be introduced to more colours and complexities

As the difficulty increases so does the puzzle complexity. Where it used to be simple solving with white light, you now have to deal with multiple coloured light totems. Looking at the more difficult puzzles before you start can seem quite intimidating but with a lot of trial and error, the puzzle can be overcome and you are left with a great feeling of relief and it can be incredibly rewarding.

When you have completed a station, you can continue to ponder around the ship if you choose. I couldn’t help but meander around and look at the art style, it is beautifully striking. The whole design of the game is fantastic and really does set a good tone for your exploration and puzzle-solving. Even down to the smallest of objects, you can tell time has been taken to make this such a beautiful game.

Finally, the levels will get harder and get more complex with a mix of colours and structure

Scattered throughout the ship there are crew logs, messages and records to pick up. This, added to your personal items littered throughout, does drive you into finding out what has gone on. When uncovering items and completing stations, Juniper will be in touch to provide you with a bit more information about the crew. This helped to build a picture of what truly happened aboard this vessel.

Ultimately, Filament is pretty flawless. I had so much fun solving the puzzles and being a part-time detective, I also loved finding out who the crew were and why they disappeared. Juniper was brilliant in providing those little bits of dialogue along the way and aiding me to unravel this mysterious story.

Uncover clues and decipher what has happened on The Alabaster

Graphically as mentioned before, Filament is gorgeous. The lighting is great and the attention to detail is phenomenal. From the actual environments to the posters, from the signs to the personal belongings that are everywhere on the ship. It was all so beautifully crafted and completely memorable.

Audio is not a hindrance on the game either. A very peaceful melody plays in the background and is the nice subtle touch which is needed while you are working through the puzzles and exploring the ship. The electronic confirmation sound when finally solving a puzzle is just the right amount of affirmation that was needed and signalled its completion perfectly.

Attention to detail in every corner.

Filament is not for the impatient. Time needs to be taken to trial different methods and sometimes you will need to unravel everything as you notice errors before the solution suddenly clicks. Don’t get me wrong, at times, I felt annoyed that completing puzzles took me a while and took me so many attempts. This sometimes led to me redoing the whole puzzle because I couldn’t align the colours I needed in the correct order. However, this is a puzzle game and it requires time to work out the puzzles and time to engage your brain. Nothing is better than solving puzzles in Filament. It is unique, rewarding and beautiful.

Dan Phillips

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

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