Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Review

Reviewed on Sony PSVR

Also available on PC
Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Review

The time has finally arrived, a time I have long waited for. Ever since PSVR was released I hoped we would get a Doctor Who VR game, the subject matter is perfectly suited for the medium. I wanted scares, a great official story and all the official voice actors involved.

After seeing various trailers I became a bit despondent, it looked drab, a bit weird and not what I was expecting. I always go into things with an open mind though and was not deterred. I was ready to get my Time Lord on and save the universe.

There she is.

I will not delve too much into the story but it does feel like a Doctor Who adventure. If a bit of a weak one. You are tasked with stopping a reality virus, you must work with the Doctor, gather the time crystals and save the day. The story is not bad, it's not amazing but it serves its purpose well enough.

What I will say about Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is that the production values are great. The game opens like an official episode, even with the titles and vortex which in VR, look awesome. It has the official theme, sounds and voice actors Jodie Whittaker and Nick Briggs give the game an official feel.

Yep, I will drive.

Control-wise, while the options are great, they are a little strange. You can use smooth motion or teleport. The issue is that the smooth locomotion option, even at its fastest, is far too slow and the teleport has a cooldown so gets quite annoying to use. I tried using my 3dRudder but that is not supported by this title. Hopefully, they can patch faster movement in the future. Or even better patch in 3dRudder support.

There are far too many loading screens in this title, they are numerous and quite long. This I could deal with but they seemed to be in weird locations, like halfway down a lift. It broke the immersion a lot and felt a bit off. In VR all you need is a small break to take you out of the experience and this happened a lot. It's a shame really, just as I was starting to enjoy myself, I was greeted with another overly long load screen.

The puzzles are far too easy to get through and unfortunately, not much fun.

Onto the good stuff then, as a Doctor Who fan, some of the things that happened in this game made me very happy. Using the sonic to open doors, walking into the TARDIS for the first time and using the TARDIS console was all great in VR and I really relished this part of the experience.

There were also a few scenes and sequences in the game, which I will not spoil that I really enjoyed. Unfortunately, they were marred by long loads, slow movement options and a small array of easy, weirdly placed puzzle sequences. They were not bad so to speak, just not very fun or complicated enough to challenge you.

Bowties are cool!

Presentation-wise, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is very pleasing on the eye. It's crisp, clear and very close to what you see in the show. The TARDIS looks great, the sonic looks great and everything is very well modelled. It is the same with the sound design, all the sound effects are great and the music is that orchestral Doctor Who arrangement we all love.

The music accentuated the parts of the story as required and I really enjoyed the sights and sounds this game offered me. It felt, looked and sounded like Doctor Who and I loved it. All the official sounds were there, even down to the Dalek voices and TARDIS sounds. It's a real shame the whole experience was let down by a few issues.


  • Official Presentation
  • It feels like a Doctor Who episode
  • A few good sequences and experiences for Doctor Who fans


  • Slow movement options
  • Easy puzzles
  • Long load screens, in weird places


The Doctor Who fan in me loved his time with this title. From a non-Who fan, video game standpoint though, its negatives weigh heavy on the overall experience. Its short, too easy and sometimes cumbersome. If your a Who fan though you will love parts of it, as I did. Maybe wait for the title to go on sale.


out of 10

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