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Update – since this review was written, a new update has been released that has corrected the hanging issues AND added a whole new set of levels. As a result the score has been revised upwards and we unreservedly recommend this as one of the best games available on Android phones right now…Fiendishly addictive puzzle games are becoming the staple of mobile gaming. While Angry Birds and it’s countless progeny continue to grab the headlines, awards and film deals, its often the lesser known games that try and do something a little more interesting that really impress.Zeptolab’s Cut The Rope is one such gem – a simple idea that is masterful in its execution. The idea is simply to get the a piece of candy from its starting position around various obstacles and into the mouth of a frog using a combination of timing, skill and luck. There are three stars on each level to collect to open up later ‘boxes’ of stages. The difficulty builds at a reasonably sedate pace and it not until you reach the half way point that you not only realise you’re addicted but you’re also finding the game a real challenge.It’s beautifully presented with flawless physics and the introduction of new features as you open each box is well managed with a couple of simple levels to give you the idea and before ramping up to much more intense and confusing challenges – there is a massive difference between knowing what you need to do to reach that distant star and actually putting it into practice. On first impressions then it’s a solid challenger to Roxio’s slightly pissed off flying mammals – a sure fire eight or nine out of ten… So why the low score? There is one massive bug with the game that we’ve managed to repeat across multiple Android handsets and platforms – one that completely excludes a whole box of levels and prevents completion of the game. The game hangs and crashes out totally on any level featuring the widget used to alter the length of the rope. It’s a huge shame that this one bug creates a big black cloud over a near perfect pocket game – fix that Zeptolab and you have an Angry Birds beater right here.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Oct 19, 2011

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