Read our review of the co-op spy adventure Covert on PSVR. A truly unique co-op experience.

One thing I really enjoy about the PSVR experience is the multiplayer, social screen aspect. Whether you are playing Beat Saber alone or playing Playroom VR with your kids, the TV is used in great ways to make virtual reality feel less of a solitary experience.

With one player being immersed in the PlayStation VR headset, the TV or in the case of Covert, a mobile app, can be used to create a unique multiplayer experience like no other. It promotes social interaction and it is a great experience for everyone involved.

I had to tell my co-op partner the serial number of the keypad and they returned the correct code. A brilliant co-op system.

In Covert, you have been enrolled in a secret spy organization and must carry out spy-type activities, in VR, with a local co-op partner. You know, disarm a rocket, free an imprisoned colleague, all the stuff you really want to do but usually can’t. What makes this game so unique though is most of these activities are impossible alone.

Whether it be disarming lasers, seeing guard patrol routes and the guard’s cones of vision, the ‘hacker’ must help the ‘spy’ in various outlandish and Hollywood movie-style scenarios. Some of the ways Covert makes you and your partner work in unison are brilliant.

Ooooooo, hacking a vault. I have always wanted to do that and now I can, thanks to PSVR.

Some puzzle solutions are only visible in one person’s view, making communication between you vital. Hacking turrets and searchlights are done by the player on their mobile device enabling the spy to infiltrate buildings and helping them accomplish their mission. It really works well and gives the game a truly unique and entertaining feel.

Some of my favourite examples of co-operation in the game were things like electrified floor puzzles, only the hacker can see the route to not get electrocuted and must convey the route to the VR player. Or hacking computer systems where each player can only see each other’s inputs and must convey the codes to each other. It’s a pleasurable experience like no other on PSVR and you must work together, for better or for worse.

Nice security system, I can’t wait to sneak through it.

Covert is quite short, only eight missions to be exact. These missions are, however, fun and well thought out. Even my co-op partner who was my ‘hacker’ and does not play video games often, enjoyed it thoroughly. There was a lot of shouting and laughing during our short time as badly trained spies and hackers.

Setting up the mobile app is very simple, anyone who has played Jackbox or one of the mobile device PlayStation games before knows how easy it is. Type in the game code at the start and you are instantly connected and playing. It is a no faff, very simple method of getting connected and it just works. Some Images from the ‘hackers’ app view are included in the gallery below.

My partner loved the interaction between our newly appointed spy team and the various stunts we pulled off together. We truly depended on each other and for the first time in a while, a game truly felt like a co-op experience. This is unlike some co-op games these days where you play together but you are not truly dependant on each other. It’s so refreshing to play a game like this.

Graphically, Covert has a nice clean cartoony graphical style. It has a mildly comical story too with a light-hearted take on your usual spy drama. None of the game’s visuals are fuzzy on the low-resolution PSVR headset and everything looked charming. The sound design was also quite good, I remember the funny singing of the narrator when you die. It did make me laugh a few times.

Yep, what every spy needs. A grappling hook.

The VR implementation was good, all the normal VR options were there apart from a teleportation movement option. I am a VR veteran so locomotion movement was fine for me. I just needed to change the turning angle a bit but this is dependant on your own preference. I had zero VR issues and no VR ‘messiness’. It just worked and I really enjoyed it from start to finish.

Seb Hawden

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

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